Previewing Chanel Diagonai Quilted Woc

Previewing Chanel Diagonai Quilted Woc

Here’s something ‘new’ and ‘exciting’. We all desire Chanel Wallet on Chain bags – they’re small, functional and gorgeous. And especially the last one – GORGEOUS! Now they are many kinds of Wallet on Chain bags like the classic ones; the boy WOC, the Classic Quilted WOC and the Timeless CC WOC.

Every season or so, Chanel introduces new Wallet on Chain bags – one of the latest was the Chanel Reissue 2.55 WOC.

And now for the Spring Summer 2016 Collection, we want to introduce to you the Chanel Diagonal Quilted WOC.

Previewing Chanel Diagonai Quilted Woc

But the most beautiful part is the new quilted cover – this bag has diagonal lines on the top and horizontal lines on the bottom. It’s actually the same size like all the other Chanel WOC’s (as proof, it’s standing next to the Chanel Boy WOC). The estimated price is around $2000 USD or €1550 euro.

And oh yes, for those interested in the Boy WOC, check the one on the front in pink and golden hardware. Shopping spree time?

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