This Alexander McQueen adds some blooms to the famous Skull Clutch

Today marks my last day of interning with the PurseBlog team. This has been an incredible experience, and I’m so happy to have been able to write and share my thoughts with everyone! I thought that, as my last post, I would like to talk about one of my all-time favorite brands: Alexander McQueen. I’m a particular fan of the McQueen skull-clasp cluthes, and as soon as I saw this Alexander McQueen Floral-Embellished Skull Clasp Clutch, I knew it was the perfect bag to cover.

Together with his exceptional romantic creations, Alexander Mcqueen 94 has become an icon of British style. Sarah Burton, the collaborator of the late designer, has kept the fascinating heritage of the brand, while devoting a sensitivity to each of those creations. Decisively stone, the Alexander McQueen brand uses luxurious materials and metallic details to formulate a structured and refined design each moment. Highlighting the know-how and experience of craftsmen, there are many models of Alexander McQueen bags which balance between anti-conformism and traditions, always imbued with this particular ancient sensibility.Every Monday morning, I sit down behind my computer to catch up on emails, navigate through my favourite online shops to spot fresh luggage and see what I have on my program for the upcoming week. Usually, I quickly look past a lot of bags, hoping one will catch my attention to share with you guys, but sometimes what grabs my attention is a bag I really just don’t like. This was the case when I stumbled upon a new Alexander McQueen luggage that have a new logo, featuring AMQ jumbled together on the middle of this bag.Here’s the thing I adore Alexander McQueen bags. I adored his luggage for decades, and if McQueen passed away, the whole fashion world and beyond felt a major void. His luxuriously gothic aesthetic was easy to spot, along with his totes constantly talked to me and Amanda. This new logo is far too much: too many letters, too big, too in mind, and not at all what we have come to expect from McQueen. I have always connected the skull with McQueen, which is still often used on the brand’s luggage, or occasionally, the brand’s name is only made in gold. This new logo is simply not good, and I really don’t think I will be alone in believing this.

My love for McQueen is clear – I covered quite a bit of the brand’s work on our TalkShoes site, including the McQueen Skull-Embellished Pumps and the McQueen Leather Lace-Up Boots. Now is as good a time as any to talk about the McQueen clutch.

What is aesthetically beautiful about this clutch is the intricate floral ornaments and pearl beadwork. What attracted me to this particular clutch is that it diverges a bit from McQueen’s traditional sense of gothic luxury. It’s given a very feminine touch with the rose pink color of both the bead work and the flowers. The tangible appliques provide a delicate, almost antique sensibility, something that is unlike much of the brand’s previous work. However, we can’t forget the statement piece that makes a McQueen, well a McQueen: the iconic skull clasp. Buy yours today through Neiman Marcus for $2795. Who knows, maybe one day I will treat myself and buy my very own!