An Ancient Flower Provides the Inspiration for Orpheus Skin

Orpheus Skin is the world's first 100% clean, botanical stem cell skincare dedicated to the rare Orpheus Resurrection flower. Powered by the proprietary bioengineered Youth-Restoring Orpheus Flower Cell Peptide Complex™, Orpheus combines the best of biotechnology and naturally-derived ingredients to deliver sustainable, vegan, cruelty-free and clinically-proven formulas. We spoke with Bulgarian-born founder Sara Kyurkchieva about her inspiration and background: 

Your ‘muse’ is the Orpheus Flower. Can you tell us a bit about the flower and how it influenced a beauty line?

While working on a skincare project within my family company, I came across data about the Orpheus Resurrection flower, native to just one region in the Rhodope Mountains in my homeland. I instantly fell in love with the romantic story and beauty of the rare flower. An ancient legend tells of a legendary musician, poet, and mythological god-hero – Orpheus – who could charm all living beings with the sound of his lyre and his magnificent voice. When he lost his beloved wife (a forest nymph) to the underworld, he shed tears upon the mineral-rich springs in the Rhodope Mountains in Bulgaria. Where his tears fell a beautiful immortal flower was born: the Orpheus flower. Local people say that the echoes of his sweet songs can still be heard from high atop the mountain’s ancient rocks.

Scientists have proven the flower’s remarkable healing powers on skin. What makes the Orpheus flower so special is its resilience – it lived through the harshest conditions on Earth and survived through the Ice Age. Still thriving today, the flower has the unique ability to protect and regenerate itself, surviving complete dehydration for up to 31 months, and spring back to life with a single drop of water. This is why it is also known as the ‘Resurrection flower.’ On the skin, the flower’s potent extract imparts the same properties: replenishing, regenerating and protecting, for youthful, radiant skin.

That’s how the flower became the ultimate muse of our line. Our philosophy revolves around the flower and we stand out with our authenticity, integrity, and full transparency of our formulas and science.


Sara Kyurkchieva

What is your professional background and how and when did you become involved in skincare?

My background is actually in art and design, but I grew up around my family’s beauty business. Five years ago, I had the opportunity to manage a beauty brand within my family’s company – to create a face care line to complement an existing body and hair care line. My graphic design and management education gave me a strong foundation and understanding of product design, development, and innovation. I absolutely loved the process of searching and sourcing proven botanicals and potent bioactives, and especially the creative part of working with the lab, experimenting with active ingredients and innovative product textures. This experience, paired with my ongoing battle with my own sensitive skin, sparked a fire in me to create my own line of effective and sustainable products that were radically pure, safe, and powered by innovative biotechnology. I founded Orpheus not only as a passion project to heal my skin but also as an effort to preserve and promote Bulgaria’s biodiversity.

What makes your products different from the multitude of skincare lines in the retail market?

Our star ingredient, the Orpheus flower, and the biotechnology we use to harness its power is definitely what sets us apart from other brands. We are the first brand in the world to create a 100% clean botanical stem cell skincare line devoted to the Orpheus Resurrection flower. Using innovative non-toxic biotechnology, we sustainably produced our youth-restoring Orpheus Flower Cell Peptide Complex™, the collagen-building powerhouse, behind our formulas. Our lightweight serums are designed for the modern minimalist; both products are highly multitasking and work together to naturally replenish aging, tired or stressed skin, all while simplifying your regimen. Our clean and clinically proven formulas are a sustainable solution allowing beauty consumers to live a plant-based lifestyle and get powerful results while being conscious of the impact on the planet. Both our serums are vegan, designed for all skin types and sensitive skin compatible.

What sorts of results will first-time users notice?  

RESURRECTION All-in-one Serum ($125): 

Skin feels instantly hydrated, replenished and plumped.

Brighter, smoother and more even complexion.

Increased skin radiance and glow. 

Less breakouts and overall calmer and healthier skin.

Can be used as a day serum, overnight treatment or it can be mixed with foundation or concealer.

RESURRECTION Bio-Luminous Dewy Essence ($65):

Two sprays of the essence serum are enough to instantly feel the hydrating, refreshing and slightly cooling effect that lasts.

It gives skin an instant natural luminous glow, right after application. 

It sets makeup beautifully, adding a dewy, glowy finish to it and fixing it, so it lasts longer throughout the day. 

When used over time, skin becomes brighter and even toned with restored resilience, radiance and bounce.

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Photos courtesy of Orpheus Skin

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