Balenciaga Kids

Balenciaga Kids

Okay, I must admit, when I saw the Matches Fashion newsletter in my inbox this morning, I got REALLY excited: Balenciaga Kids! But instantly I felt a kind of embarrassment – even though I didn’t share this excitement with anyone yet – over loving the idea of a $300+ hoodie for my kids. Then again, it’s not the first designer brand that smartly plays on those Balenciaga-loving mommies – like me – and launched a kids collection. It’s actually so smart, because there’s nothing a mother doesn’t want to buy for her kids, even when it’s evidently for an overpriced hoodie… But then again, I LOVE it so much on them!!!

Look at them, how cute they look in their potential red and gray hoodies! Stella is obviously made to wear Balenciaga kids, as she is not anywhere close to interested to wearing dresses at the moment, and ALWAYS wants to wear her “chill pants”, as she calls her sweatpants. And needless to say, they do sometimes wear brands that already have kids lines, such as Dolce and Gucci. I feel a huge need to rectify my behavior, these thoughts even (!!) because it is actually fun to put them in these miniature designer pieces? Or am I “gone too far” already… Are WE going too far? Needless to say it’s a matter of priorities, money, and.. well, a right sense of mind. Is it as good for them as it’s cute on them? They don’t really know… but there will be a time they do? James can read, so he could read what his sweater says, and how strange would it look when he’s saying to his friend’s mommy “can you give me my Balenciaga” hoodie?

In the world James and Stella grow up in, and the important things I want to teach them along the way; manners, morals, and keeping their both feet on the ground, it is 100% clear I SHOULD NOT get them this, don’t put emphasis on logos nor designers. So there’s two ways of doing this – IF I were to decide to break the bank for them: 1. I buy it, but literally put it in their wardrobes, and not shine any light on it, or 2. I stay away from it.

What do you think? Do you, like me, LOVE it, but are not sure if you should? Or do you feel this is completely crazy, spending this much on a logo-hoodie?

PS. This post in not created in collaboration with Balenciaga nor Matches Fashion.

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