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Founded in Rome in 1925, Fendi assembles the Italian Workmanship and creativity.

Because of addition of science and technology in recent years, the reduction fendi handbags using a classic Roman design has emerged on the global stage. In 1965, Karl Lagerfeld joined Fendi and he was the guy who put the conventional craftsmanship into the modern stage.
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EPI, painting, needle, printing and dyeing, tanning, cross stitch and sewing techniques like tailoring, making the introduction of fur, so the original thick, luxurious fur becomes the everyday fashion. The classic”double F” logo was established at the time and then was seen on discount fendi handbags.


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Back in 1997 when Fendi was motivated by the”French bread”, Fendi launched Baguette discount fendi purses which greatly to the tastes pf many ladies. It has launched over 600 kinds of special designs. After slowly growing the B. Fendi bag collection, this artwork of work of excellent leather in Rome’s status of irreplaceable fashion was established. Since the agent of the classic of discount fendi handbags, the double-F emblem continues to be utilized thus far.
The high tech silk gauze, glass Tousha, honeycomb textured cloth, knotted jute and silk plush satin, hollow grid, net lace, triangular frills and applique reveal the extreme beauty of discount womens handbags. When Fendi is in terms of leather, it can be detailed as lace. That’s amazing.