Burberry Does The Duffle Right

While retail sales representatives learned new ways to talk up the jackets by reinforcing their British-ness and credibility, tasteful advertisements showcasing younger celebrities like Emma Watson (Hermione of the Harry Potter films) pulled well-to-do millennials under their spell. Meanwhile, a new website told the story of this brand’s history whilst selling products at nosebleed prices. Small girl’s trench coats go for $995 these days.The brand turnaround was complete the moment Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, was photographed in an event flipping pancakes in her Burberry coat.By rising prices and focusing on a tiny selection, the business was creating an “picture of lack,” Dr. Soberman says. You couldn’t just pop down to the local department store to buy Burberry anymore. Online sales spiked, and the company started opening flagship stores in untapped ritzy neighbourhoods across the globe. “The very best thing you can do is find out where there are people that are willing to pay $1,000 to get a raincoat and make sure people in those areas have Burberry as an option,” Dr. Soberman states.

Burberry makes what could be the perfect duffle bag. The spacious Italian weekender demands being tossed into the trunk of your sporty two seater convertible and taken on a trip away from the busy city. The Burberry Leather Duffle is available in either brown or black, with black or gunmetal hardware, respectively.

Upon closer inspection, the leather does remind me of Louis Vuitton‘s popular Taiga leather, at $1,295 it is surprisingly affordable compared to LV’s offerings (the Canvas Keepalls run around $1400).

If you are looking for a great travel companion in durable leather that is not covered in monograms and logos, look no further.