Fierce + Regal’s CEO Kassia Davis Chats About Performance & Functionality

Fierce + Regal

There are so many choices when it comes to athletic wear, which is why Fierce + Regal is setting out to take over as the premier luxury performance wear and athleisure line. All the pieces in the line are assembled in Massachusetts (or New York) and feature everything from sports bras, tank tops and long sleeves to shorts, leggings and joggers.

What sets the brand apart is their unique take on athletic wear – think shiny leggings, hoodie bombers, stylish one-sleeves, and zippered leggings.

We checked in recently with co-founder and CEO Kassia Davis, who comes from a regal family pedigree in the retail industry (her father founded the billion dollar New Balance line) to chat about why she made the move to a new brand and why she feels so passionate about this product.

Fierce + Regal

Why did you decide to make the move from New Balance to Fierce + Regal?

I was at New Balance for almost 10 years and worked in various areas of the business, including product management and then moved to merchandising work with global flagship stores. I loved my time there and fell in love with the industry. There are a couple of reasons why I left. The first reason, I always had in the back of my mind was the question, how can I show the world what I’m capable of? I wanted to know what it is like to build a company from the ground up. Going out on my own, I knew I was going to have a couple of different experiences than I would had I stayed at New Balance.

The second reason, over the 10 or so years I was at New Balance, I became passionate about the “athluxury” space. That’s where these up-and-coming brands fit. I wasn’t going to be able to make the impact that I wanted to bring. That’s the space I love to work in. My parents were supportive of my decision and still are supportive of it. I talk shop with them daily. I went back and forth for a full year debating if I should make this move. No one does well with uncertainty. I worried what if it doesn’t work out? I had to stop worrying about failure and just do what makes you happy. That’s my motivation to succeed. I was very confident, very knowledgeable and prepared to move forward, and that was so impressive to my parents.

Fierce + Regal

Tell us a little about the brand and what makes it so special.

Given my background, I had a lot of exposure to other brands in the industry. I had explored other brands before I had found out about Fierce + Regal. I was speaking to brands that were already established, but I wasn’t able to say that it felt like a great fit. I kept looking and found Fierce + Regal and the fact they were located in Boston was a huge plus. I have been part of the beginning stages of the brand launching. Margi Gad (F+R’s founder) and I share a creative vision even though we have a 20-year age gap, but we are able to provide sophistication with freshness to pieces on trend.

Fierce + Regal

Who is the Fierce + Regal woman?

That’s a great question. I truly believe we are targeting the multitasking woman, who is career and family-oriented, trying to balance both while always looking her best. She can look in her closet and find chic, sophisticated pieces that are also comfortable with functionality. Women aren’t going to stop wearing athletic apparel. We are starting to lose that polished look because it is acceptable to throw on workout clothes. Not many brands are straddling the high fashion and high function spaces. Our target woman is between the ages of 30 and 50, with 35 being the sweet spot. They can afford the price point (our average price is $90) and know the pieces are very versatile. You can wash and dry all of the products and they don’t pill or stretch. That’s huge with athletic apparel and why I felt passionate with the product.

Fierce + Regal

When you were at New Balance, you worked on a collaboration with Heidi Klum. Tell us about that experience.

It went really well. Heidi Klum is obviously ageless and someone many people dream of working with. I was really young at the time and tried to learn as much as I could. She was inspirational and it is so cool to have had that experience with her. I saw how she envisioned designing a collection that was a really successful launch for us. She was the first experience I had that helped me fall in love with the “athluxury” space.

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