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Alexander McQueen Legend Handbag 3

Things have been a bit quiet on the Alexander McQueen handbag front this past year. Other than the Heroine, McQueen hasn’t had a bag that we’ve covered much in the past year and a half, which is significant when you consider that few years ago, it had hit after hit.

Just before the year ends, Alexander McQueen has introduced the Legend handbag, which is part of the Resort 2015 collection. The Legend consists of 3 key styles (a tote, shopper and clutch), and the shopper is the standout of the bunch. The shape of the bag indicates that the flared gusset trend, popularized by Céline, isn’t going anywhere quite yet. The base of the bag has structured corners, and as you go from the bottom to the top of the bag, the wider width finishes with a curved, zippered top.

With his unique romantic creations, Alexander Mcqueen Unseen has become an icon of British fashion. Decisively rock, the Alexander McQueen brand utilizes luxury materials and metallic details to formulate a structured and refined layout each time. Highlighting the know-how and expertise of craftsmen, there are many versions of Alexander McQueen bags which equilibrium between anti-conformism and traditions, always imbued with this gothic sensibility.Every Monday morning, I sit down behind my computer to catch up on emails, navigate through my favourite online stores to spot new luggage and see what I have on my schedule for the upcoming week. Typically, I quickly look over a bunch of bags, hoping one will catch my attention to share with you men, but sometimes what grabs my attention is a bag that I really just do not like. This was the case when I stumbled upon a few new Alexander McQueen luggage which have a new logo, featuring AMQ jumbled together on the middle of this bag.Here’s the thing : I love Alexander McQueen bags. I adored his luggage for years, and when McQueen passed away, the whole fashion world and outside felt a significant void. His luxuriously gothic aesthetic was simple to spot, and his totes constantly talked to me and Amanda. This new logo is way too much: too many letters, too big, too in mind, and not what we’ve come to expect from McQueen. I’ve always connected the skull together with McQueen, which is still frequently used on the brand’s bags, or sometimes, the brand’s title is simply made in gold. This new logo is just not good, and I really don’t think I will be alone in thinking this.

Unlike many designs that seem to be greatly inspired by other popular bags, the Alexander Mcqueen P&g Prestige Legend has its own aesthetic, with clean lines, smooth leather and an overall elegant feel. The closest bags I can think of that have a similar look are the Ralph Lauren Ricky and the Louis Vuitton Soft Lockit, but the Ricky offers many more design features than the pared-down Legend and the Soft Lockit is less structured.

I really love the Legend mini shopper with the crossbody strap, which is in line with my previous bag picks for 2014. The bag comes in a variety of colors, sizes, materials and styles, many of which we share below. Prices range from $1,525 for the mini shopper to $2,395 for the tote.

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Alexander McQueen Legend Handbag 3

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