Luxury Grooming Essentials For The Everyday Modern Man

Photo by ANDI WHISKEY on Unsplash

There is no doubt that the world of grooming has bloomed in the past few years. Men are not only more open to natural and innovative solutions, but they are actually in search of products that will make their skin look and feel amazing, while at the same time using as many natural ingredients as possible. And while this flourishing of products and technologies has been not only welcomed, but actually embraced by men, it comes with its own set of challenges – attention fatigue. With so many products, which one is the best? Which one fits best my type of skin? My needs? Are there products that are just simply good for every man?

That’s why we put together a list of products that are guaranteed to make your skin feel good and keep you groomed to your pleasing.

Photo by Every Man Jack

Created in the US with a focus on naturally derived ingredients, Every Man Jack brings forth special attention to your skin, the environment and our place in the world as part of a larger ecosystem. Created by using as many naturally sourced ingredients, the majority of the products are vegan friendly. With the exception of some hair styling products, lanolin from sheep's wool, and lip balm, beeswax. The deodorants do not contain aluminum, but instead, use Cotton Extract and Witch Hazel to help absorb wetness. And the daily face SPF does not contain oxybenzone, a chemical sunscreen that has been found to harm the ecosystems of coral reefs. Basically, anything that has been found to be damaging to your skin or to the ecosystem has been replaced with natural ingredients.

Photo by Rockwell Razors

Taking it back to the times when overpriced cartridge razors and shave clubs were not a thing, Rockwell Razors, brings forward an improved and modern alternative to the classic safety razor. Featuring patented adjustable shave settings that match your shave to your skin type and stubble length. Plus the razor will last you a lifetime and the Rockwell blades are fully recyclable and reduce the hazardous landfill epidemic caused by modern razors. And what’s more, there is no plastic anywhere in the product. Their razors adjust to your unique skin and stubble type for a personalized experience. It shaves so comfortably it'll feel like it was designed exclusively for you.

Photo by Olivina Men

Based in Nashville, TN, Olivina Men formulates grooming essentials that are made to be everyday classics. With a focus on function, fragrance, and effective ingredients, they strive to create products for the modern man, the man who is health conscious and practical, while at the same time aware of the environment and the effect that the cosmetics industry has on the environment. The inspiration behind the natural fragrances is blending the earthy aroma of the outdoors paired with sophisticated notes of various essential oils, creating a line of natural, organic, and vegan men’s grooming products for shaving, body, and skincare.

Photo by The Roosevelts Beard Co.

Inspired by national parks and recreational landmarks, The Roosevelts Beard Co. brings forward a premium grooming line featuring beard oils, washes and balms. Founded by a member of the band The Roosevelts, The Roosevelts Beard Co aims to give men a better option for premium beard care products while also making a difference in the world. Whether you are looking for a beard oil to smooth out the flyaways or maybe you need some grooming essentials, The Roosevelts Beard Co has a product for each of those needs and all the profit from all products supports organizations that help conserve and protect our nation's parks.

Now you really have no excuse for not looking perfect when you step out the door.