Milan Fashion Week: Fendi’s Kan I- Strap You

Kan I Fendi 1

I am currently on the train going to a new city in Italy– because I mistakenly thought I was already going to Paris today, and apparently have another day in Italy! Instead of spending another day in Milan, I took the opportunity to hop on a train to go to another city ? Follow my adventure on my Instagram Stories to find out where I went ?

Anyway it is only now that I get a chance to write on the blog. I have soooo much to share with you all! But for the quicker update, everything is on @THEBAGHAG.

Fendi’s Spring Summer bags and accessories have gotten me all excited. Without a doubt, this brand remains one of the industry’s strongest when it comes to bags. And let me also already credit Fendi for kickstarting the embellished shoulder strap revolution called Strap You (that other brands are also cashing in on now).

This is the newest Fendi bag called Kan I. A nice play on words here– “Kan I Strap You?” ?

Kan I Fendi 1

Fendi has also introduced a shorter detachable strap this Spring/ Summer 2017 season, as seen on the new double baguette. Doublebaguette- strap The strap looks long on this beautiful baguette because this is a mini bag!

I am glad I held off buying a new Fendi strap on this trip because I found the one I am reaaaallly loving! This one on the left please (and the short strap on the Kan I bag)! And the new strap collection will be available in early 2017– so, be quick and catch them before they get sold out again (because they do!!)
Strap You FENDI SS17

The cute Peekaboo nanos continue to have prominence on the Fendi bag lineup and I could not be happier!

Another very pretty Peekaboo bag that I felt, was exceptional:

And here are more variations (styles and straps) of the Kan I bag of Fendi:


This is made of canvas, and the stripes are handpainted and embellished with ribbons and strass. I particularly love this piece, even if it is in canvas ?

Told you, yet another exciting season for Fendi! See you all on instagram! Train is approaching my destination soon and I’d like to take in the scenery (FOMO) ?

xo from somewhere in Italia,