My Current Favorite Prada Handbags

Prada use to be one of my favorite handbag brands. In fact, Prada’s saffiano double zip tote (also known as the Galleria tote) was the first bag I purchased after getting my first year bonus in investment banking. When I think of a “Prada” girl, I immediately think of a modern, independent, and practical woman. Sadly, in the last few years, besides the Cuir tote and Cahier bag, I never lusted after any Prada handbags. The lack of new captivating designs (or “It” bags) means Prada is slipping behind brands like Celine, Saint Laurent, Gucci, Loewe, etc. and no longer top of mind (or top of the wish list) for many handbag lovers.

Recently, I decided to check out Prada’s website to see its handbag selection and actually found quite a few that I like. Here are the nine bags that I like from Prada’s current collection:

Prada Cahier Shoulder Bag
On top of my list would definitely be the black / green Cahier bag. This bag was launched in 2016 and has been pretty popular. Some bags are love at first sight and some bags you grow to love, the Cahier bag is in between the two for me. I liked the bag immediately and have continued to admire it from afar. “Cahier” means notebook that resonated with my nerdy side. I also love the vintage bronze hardware surrounding the bag and on the closure buckle. The hardware somewhat reminds me of the Louis Vuitton Petite Malle but overall the Cahier bag is distinctly different and oh-so-beautiful.

Prada Cuir Tote
Anyone who is a fan of Scandal and Olivia Pope would have seen many Prada eye candies on the show. My favorite is the Cuir tote (even without the influence of the show). The Cuir tote is Prada’s newer version of its double zip tote – the removal of the double zip eliminates the issue of crackling sealant. The contrasting interior of the Cuir tote along with the curvier structure gives the Cuir tote a more modern look. I have written a full post here comparing the Cuir tote to the double zip tote (or Galleria tote). Prada saffiano totes are a great workbag due to their simple, structured, and classic shapes.

Prada Galleria Bag (Double Zip Tote)
Even though the Galleria is very similar to the Prada Cuir tote, I have decided to include it on my list as well because heck I forked over money to buy this bag. The double zip tote is a super popular bag and possibly Prada’s bread and butter handbag. The bag has been around for as long as I can remember. Prior to the double zip version, there was the version with the button / magnetic closure and no zippers. Regardless, this was the first bag I lusted after. Five years ago, I was convinced having this bag would mean I would be successful in the corporate world (silly, I know, but hey we are all silly in our own ways). I carried that bag for a whole year until I purchase the Givenchy Antigona. Fast forward five years later, I still own and love the bag but there were a few times when I thought about selling it and switching to the Cuir tote. Yet, every time I pull it out of its dust bag, I heart melts a little and then I put it back on the shelf. I find it so odd that even though I don’t use the bag often, I will most definitely repurchase it if it magically disappears from my possession. I do wish Prada would improve the quality on these bags in terms of glazing and hardware.

Prada Wicker Tote
If money was not an issue, I would buy the wicker tote from Prada immediately. Straw / wicker bags have been super popular in the last few summers and out of all the designer options, I like the Prada Wicker tote the most. It is structured yet still looks casual and effortless and would the perfect summer bag! The wicker tote is made of bamboo with leather trim and fabric lining. My favorite is the simple tan and white combo, if I ever see this version on sale for <$1K, I’m just going to turn off my brain and bit the bullet. (For now, I really need to stop looking at pictures of this bag)

Prada Ribbon Bag
The ribbon bag is a new find for me on Prada’s website. Generally I shy away from multi-color bags because I think the trend is a fad and I prefer solid color bags that let the design do all the talking. However, on this ribbon bag, I think a solid color would be too boring and the tri-color helps to bring out the uniqueness in the design. For some reason I think this is a design that Celine would have brought out – clean, simple, unique. Even though I really like this bag, I think the staying power will be short, plus Prada’s resale value is horrendous so for those two reasons I will admire it from afar but not add it to my wish list.

Prada Micro Box
How pretty is the black version of this micro box? To me, the shinny leather and shape reminds me of Mark Cross Grace and the hardware reminds me of Louis Vuitton’s Petite Malle. Even though this bag is beautiful, the shape and size mean this bag is not practical. The micro box also comes in multiple variations and not just in color and material but also in shape and hardware design (there is a gorgeous circle version too)! Sadly, if Prada were to make a bigger version of the bag the bag would lose a part of its small and cuteness appeal.

Prada Box Leather Bag
The simple design of this bag is right up my alley. The leather reminds me of the Celine Classic Box and the shape reminds me of the LV Speedy. Unfortunately, this bag only has the top handle, which is a no-go for me, I need bags with shoulder straps. I like the bag but I do think it’s still missing something in its design. Maybe a little more hardware around where the handheld meets the body or the bag or the closure on top. I love simple bags but there is a fine line between simple and beautiful vs. simple and boring. I am not 100% certain which category this bag falls into. Maybe this is one of the bags that I will like more and more over time.

Prada Cuir Convertible Top Handle
The Cuir convertible top handle bag has been around for a couple of seasons now. I love the look of the bag from the front side or the side with the two buckles but I really don’t like the backside with the Prada logo. If it is just one piece of leather then it would look better. This handbag reminds me of a briefcase and a backpack. I really think Prada should add two hooks on the bottom of this bag so it can be a convertible backpack, in that case, I would jumping on the train! Although this bag does look like it will be a hassle to get in and out of but nonetheless, it would look great as a backpack!

Prada Promenade
The last handbag on my list is the Prada Promenade. Yes this bag looks exactly like the LV Alma, which used to be on my handbag wish list. However, I think the Promenade version has a more modern and younger feel than the Alma. Maybe it’s the saffiano material or the proportions. Even though it is highly unlikely that I will purchase this handbag I am still including it on this list because I definitely like it! The shape is classic – it may not be a favorite bag in someone’s collection but it definitely won’t be a bag that in ten years you can’t see yourself wearing.


Thanks for reading! Let me know if you like any of these Prada handbags and if you ever see the Prada Wicker tote on sale, remember to share the sale with me!