NYC’s Mott & Bow Jeans and Basics = Elevated Summer Wardrobe Staples

New York City-based Mott & Bow originated with its founder's simple goal of making premium-grade jeans at a reasonable price. Alejandro Chahin's expertise with denim (his family started a denim manufacturing facility in Honduras) led him to explore price inefficiency in New York City's denim marketplace. Having mastered at an early age every process in the art of jean making, Chahin endeavored to turn the price-to-quality paradigm upside down by delivering a quality product at a fair price. The result? Mott & Bow jeans and elevated basics for men and women.

Mott & Bow founder Alejandro Chahin. Photo courtesy of Mott & Bow

Using the finest denim fabrics from the best mills in the world and applying the manually intensive artistic processes in the laundry, Mott & Bow delves into its founder's 32-year denim heritage to create the highest quality jeans. Chahin's three decades of denim expertise are applied to every handcrafted pair. The brand's family-owned facility allows for total control over the entire manufacturing process, the steps of which include 1) resin application 2) over curation 3) scraping 4) pinning and tying, and 5) washing and drying. Mott & Bow's vertical integration leads to better quality, less waste, and ultimately better pricing. 

Mom Ridge. Photo courtesy of Mott & Bow

The company's design philosophy is simplicity. Mott & Bow's quality basics are designed to fill your closet with items that you'll turn to again and again, such as classic jeans, cashmere sweaters, long and short sleeve tees, and oxford shirts. For summer, try the Mercer Twill – a perfect blend of comfort and style for the hottest months of the year. For tops, try the durable Driggs Tees, made from the finest and softest Peruvian cotton. 

With Mott & Bow, wearing is believing. 

Boxy semi-crop t. Photo courtesy of Mott & Bow

Light ribbed cotton cashmere v-neck Emma. Photo courtesy of Mott & Bow

Fran Endicott Miller

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