Supermodel Rachel Hunter Partners With DAH! Yogurt

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New Zealand Sports Illustrated supermodel Rachel Hunter partnered up with DAH!, America’s #1, award-winning India-style yogurt brand to celebrate National Yoga Month in September. 

Rachel offers her at-home tips for yoga practice and virtual breathwork class on the DAH! channel to encourage yoga and meditation as a daily part of your day. It's an ideal wellness ritual paired with probiotic-rich DAH! yogurt.

For the COVID weary public, Rachel’s yoga at home tips and demonstrations also include easy ways to make her go-to DAH! yogurt bowls, breakfast smoothies, and parfaits. Her yoga guidance inspires relaxation and healthier eating habits, as DAH! is filled with 15 billion gut health probiotics.

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The model, actress and best-selling author immersed herself in the formal study of the ancient practices of yoga in the foothills of the Himalayas. Raised spiritual, Rachel studied yoga training by master teacher Anand Mehotra, and completed over five hundred hours of registered yoga training in 2019, to become a yoga instructor and meditation teacher. She has been practicing yoga for 16 years.

Recently releasing a best-selling book chronicling her experience as the host of Imagination Television’s show, Rachel Hunter’s “Tour of Beauty,” exploring the beauty and well being in cultures all over the globe, DAH! Yogurt found her to be an ideal brand partner, matching with their brand beliefs of harmony and balance. 

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DAH! gets its name from Dahi, which translates to yogurt in Hindi. The India-style artisan yogurt brand, founded by Ajeet Burns and JD Sethi, make almond milk yogurt cups and Lassi smoothie drinks from whole grass-fed milk and real fruit. 

Recently the brand launched its Dahi line, a traditional yogurt dairy curd product, that is grass-fed, organic, gluten-free, smooth and creamy. Dahi was part of Rachel's daily diet while spending the majority of the lockdown in India. 

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The plant-based yogurt cups are made from almond milk, for those with dairy-free and vegan diets. Offering a full serving of almonds in each cup, and 15,000 billion probiotics per serving, these crafted yogurts are made with healthy, wholesome ingredients and slow-cultured for flavor and richness. Satisfyingly organic, kosher and gluten-free flavors include plain, strawberry, mango, blueberry and Madagascar vanilla.

To find where DAH! can be purchased, go to Some retailers include Erewhon, Publix, Walmart and Bristol Farms.

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