10 Airport Outfits for Your Next Trip

Summer fashion



Summer fashion

How do you pick outfits that are comfortable enough to travel in, and chic enough to keep you from feeling sluggish? I’d say jeans and sweaters are par for the course. However, models and celebs are now treating the airport like a runway – and they set the bar so high that it’s become more stressful and difficult than it has to be! I hope this list will come in handy as you set off for your next trip, so you can layer up in something comfy that isn’t pajamas. The best part? All these pieces are trusted staples that you will return to, time and again.


1. Wrap Dress from Dimanche

If your flight is short and you forgot to plan ahead before you packed, this forgiving wrap dress will be your quick fix. A fuss-free one-piece, it livens up your look when a slouchy style can’t. You can even go straight to a date upon arrival. Bring along a neutral blazer to keep warm on board – and also offer you more sartorial combinations.

2. Fun Graphic Tee from icecream12

Traveling offers an exciting chance for you to dig out that graphic tee you wouldn’t wear otherwise. Why shouldn’t your airport attire be equally fun to match the occasion? Make every en route picture insta-perfect with this funky and comfy pick.

3. Hoodie and Skirt Set from DABAGIRL

Travel style is very much about layering and staying comfortable, which makes hoodies a staple. This matching set with a hoodie and an equally slouchy midi is every lazy girl’s dream. Coordinated two-pieces really take the work out of getting ready for the airport. The bonus is that each piece is equally versatile and can be worn with anything from denims to knits.

4. Sweat Suit from PINKSISLY

The sporty ones will appreciate this athleisure two-tone ensemble, which offers plenty of breathing room and just enough coverage to keep warm during the flight. Accent this lazy-girl outfit with structured leather accessories (say, a good travel bag) to look more polished.

5. Light Cape from MARSHMALLOW

Without a cover-up, you’ll be shivering once you feel the chill on the plane. Opt for a sleek, stylish throw-on piece like this monochrome light cape to look comfortably chic. Its billowy cut works with summery looks, so it’s fine even if it’s warm where you depart from.

6. Neutral Boat Neck Sweater from JUSTONE

Wearing a sweater over a skirt or dress is one easy way to rock the airport style. The boat neck and wide sleeves lend this creamy knit a cool and sophisticated finish, making it a versatile addition to your airport options.

7. Cropped Pants from MARSHMALLOW

A go-to essential that will work with other outfits in your suitcase, these minimalist tapered crop pants are for preppy travelers. Should you feel like heading straight to drinks and dinner once you arrive at your destination, just add a tweed jacket and you’ll be good to go.

8. Print Jacket from DABAGIRL

Don’t forget the faux fur jacket for some comfy outerwear! This leopard print version is good for breaking up an all-black outfit, or adding edge to distressed denims. Not to mention it doubles as an ultra-comfy blanket while aboard!

9. Puffer Jacket from DISCOSALON

A sleek puffer jacket is the perfect outerwear to throw over lightweight layers when it’s cold where you’re from, and also where you’re headed to. If your look is a bit muted (which is usually the case with loungewear), make a statement with this polka dot style that comes with a matching padded scarf.

10. Everyday Trainers from DANI LOVE

At the airport, we keep seeing sneakers, a flat-sole footwear we already know to be comfortable for traveling. Your sneaker choice will affect your look, so don’t go for the ones you wear while running. Work in these stylish kicks featuring a metallic finish with rolled-up denims, and you’re all set to walk speedily across the terminal.