Louis Vuitton Saint Cloud Bag

Louis Vuitton Saint Cloud Bag

February 27, 2017 bagsbybob 0

Introducing the new elegant Louis Vuitton Saint Cloud Bag, which with luxury daily essentials will change your perspective. Stylishly beautiful for women who are always […]


Milan Fashion Week: Lady in Red :)

February 24, 2017 bagsbybob 0

The first day of Milan Fashion Week is usually light, but it is on the succeeding days that the schedule becomes very tight. I figured instead of waiting til nighttime to write on the blog, this ti…


Milan Fashion Week: Gucci FW 2017/ 2018

February 23, 2017 bagsbybob 0

I happily watched Gucci’s fashion show via livestream, as it was rather unfortunate that I did not receive an invitation this season after so many years of attending. But I shall not dwell on…


Bag Review: Chanel Vanity Case

February 4, 2017 bagsbybob 0

My 2017 Lunar New Year began with a big bang– hah, a health kinda bang, in a not- too- good way unfortunately. My allergic rhinitis worsened and gave me post-nasal drip which caused my throat…