10 Classic Luxury Boots for Men

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At first, choosing a new pair of boots may seem like a fairly straightforward process. But as soon as you start browsing through catalogs, you’ll quickly realize just how daunting such a task can be.

From authentic men’s Ted Baker boots to the androgynous style of Balmain ankle boots, there are over a dozen types of boots made by a plethora of brands, and it’s incredibly tough to find a pair that is both classic and luxurious.

True luxury should be without compromise, which is why we’ve decided to showcase only the most luxurious classics we could find. In an ode to opulence, all 10 of the boots featured below have a retail price of above $1,000.

Saint Laurent Wyatt Detailed Ankle Boots

Saint Laurent’s Wyatt range has plenty of high-quality boots, but the Detailed Ankle Boots are easily one of our favorites. With the signature Saint Laurent threeway strap around the ankle area, these boots are fashionable yet supportive, with fine finishing all around.

If leather isn’t to your liking, there’s also an all-suede version that costs slightly less. Both pairs tend to go on sale quite often, so keep your eyes open for when the inevitable deal comes your way.

Tom Ford Robert Polished-Leather Chelsea Boots

Looking at the pristine finish of Tom Ford’s ‘Robert’ Boots, it’s easy to see why Chelsea-style boots are a big hit this year. Every pair is crafted and polished to perfection, with ingenious design elements here and there for some extra flair.

Encased in leather and supported by lightweight rubber soles, your feet will thank you for the comfort these boots provide. Additionally, the elasticated gussets make them easy to put on and pull off, which is highly convenient when you’re on the go.

Tod’s Western Ankle Boots

Tod’s Western Ankle Boots are some of the most reliable boots you can find. Their expert craftsmanship is clearly evident in every pair, and the fact that their design provides a classic silhouette means that they tick every box on our checklist.

Little touches like the pull-tab at the heel show how purpose-driven the boot’s design is. From the slanted Cuban heels to the visible stitching around the soles, every aspect of these boots has been designed with durability, style, and comfort in mind.

Photo by Noah Smith on Unsplash

Versace Medusa Boots

If you’re looking for some boots that are a bit more bombastic than most, Versace’s Medusa range has you covered. Despite them only coming in black, Medusa Boots have more than enough flourishes to make them stand out.

A large Medusa plaque adorns the prominent accent strap, with a choice of either a matte black or a shiny black finish. The lace-up design is as classic as you can get, but the bold contours of the plaque give these boots a bit of modern flavor.

Balmain Phil Ranger Boots

Balmain Phil Ranger ankle boots have a unique design that combines contemporary looks with a signature silhouette. You can choose from either a black or ivory and black version, and the bicolor version has a monogram pattern surrounded by leather sections.

You may be thinking, why did we not include a more well-known pair of Balmain boots? Well, to be frank, most of them are sold out at the moment. It’s likely you’ve already heard of those boots, so we decided to showcase a lesser-known yet equally enticing pair.

Fendi Monogram-sole Lace-up Boots

Speaking of monograms, Fendi boots are ideal if you prefer a Timberland-type boot with a little extra elegance. Fendi’s Monogram-sole Lace-up Boots incorporate the logo into the sole’s design, and, much like Timberlands, the build quality is beyond impeccable.

With enough floor clearance to rival a platform shoe, wearing a pair of Fendi’s will definitely give you a height boost. The only potential drawback is that the prominent heel cap and outsole may be a bit too extravagant for some people’s tastes.

Guidi Rear Zip Boots

With no visible seams apart from heel reinforcement, Guidi Rear Zip Boots are built for longevity and easy maintenance. The ankle-length horse leather stretches from toe to shin, supported by a thick block heel and a rounded steel toe.

The rear zip fastener is a rare feature in men’s boots, but everything else about these boots reflects a rugged outlook. Although the juxtaposed aspects may appear odd at first, the execution works surprisingly well and makes lace-ups look tedious in comparison.

Photo by Ivan Bolshakov on Unsplash

Dior Evidence Ankle Boots

Dior’s Evidence Ankle Boots are as good with a suit as they are with slacks. Every element of these boots screams quality, which makes sense seeing as they’re made in Italy and use 100% genuine “calfskin” leather.

Bits of silver are used sparingly to enhance certain features of the design, such as the Dior logo on the buckle strip and the silver-finish metal toes. It’s a high-top boot that only comes in black, but the touches of silver add more than enough luxury to set it apart.

Santoni Leather Ankle Boots

Classic designs tend to be simple yet effective, and Santoni’s Leather Ankle Boots are proof of that fact. There are no embellishments, except for a tiny silver buckle, with curved seams and smooth stitching.

The brown leather finish fades to almond as it reaches the toe and heel, and the dark brown heel cap supports an incredibly comfortable leather sole. In every aspect of these boots, it’s evident that Santoni is a masterful Italian manufacturer.

Marsèll Knee-length Boots

Need a bit of extra insulation? Marsèll Knee-length Boots will keep you warm without sacrificing any style points. The thick seam above the ankle provides an additional layer of support, while the rest of the boot is nothing but seamless brown leather.

The extensive versatility of these boots is hard to overstate. You can use them for almost any heavy-duty task, but they’re just as suitable for office wear, smart looks, and the classic combination of jeans and a t-shirt.


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