14 It Bags and the Women Who Inspired Them

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14 It Bags and the Women Who Inspired Them
Image Source: Getty / David M. Benett

If there’s one sure sign you are destined to become a fashion icon, it’s the moment you get your own namesake bag, a signature design named just for you. In fact, so many covetable handbags are named for our favorite style setters — and we’re not just talking about the Birkin.

In some cases, the designs become classics, while others, just passing trends. And while the famed Hermés Birkin may lose its iconic name, there are plenty of other designs to fuel our It-bag-meets-It-girl obsession.

Take a peek at 14 handbags that get their monikers from some of the likes of Grace Kelly and Cara Delevingne. Like their namesakes, each bag offers something unique — so dive in for a comprehensive look at these iconic handbags and the women who inspired them.