6 Innovative Products in 2020

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Covid-19 has created a huge amount of waste from single-use plastics. Plastic bags, plastic bottles and single use plastic hand sanitizer bottles make up part of the 8 million tons of plastic waste that enters the oceans. If we don't do something about this, scientists believe this amount will triple in 2040.

Los Angeles based Hab makes naturally flavored 'bit' tablets that make boring water better. Drop one or more into your favorite reusable bottle, let them dissolve and enjoy a refreshing, vitamin-enhanced citrus-flavored water without any plastic waste. It's like have fruit-infused spa water to sip before a zoom meeting, virtual yoga class or out on an errand.

Each ‘bit’ contains only two calories and a 264% daily dose of vitamin C. Hab’s water enhancing bits come in two flavors – lemon-lime and clementine. They are made with only six ingredients: Natural Flavor, Ascorbic Acid, Sodium bi-Carb, Cane Sugar and less than 1% Silica and Vegetable Stearate.

Best of all, portions of profits of Hab are donated to The Water Project, a non-profit organization providing clean water to areas without proper access. In partnership with 1% For the Planet – Hab is pledging at least 1% of gross company sales to charitable efforts.

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Sanikind was created by 25 year old entrepreneur Miles Pepper, known for creating objects to solve unique problems. As the co-founder of FinalStraw, the world's first collapsible straw, during the beginning of the global pandemic, Pepper created 'Disinfect Connect' to get disinfectants to people who need them the most. He put distillery-made disinfectant in the hands of 32,000+ frontline healthcare workers, first responders and nursing home staff.

Then he created a sustainable, convenient solution to end the waste of small plastic sanitizer bottles, by making a refillable misting hand sanitizer dispenser. His colorful Sanikind misters hold 1oz of sanitizer for over 250 sprays. It conveniently attaches to your key chain, purse or bag, belt loop, or even dog collar for on the go use. “Experts believe COVID-19 has set us back 10 years in terms of reducing plastic consumption and use,' said Pepper.

He launched a Kickstarter campaign and rewards his supporters with refill discounts, and donates one sanitizer bottle to an organization in need for every 20 Sanikind mini-spray bottles sold. 'Our Kickstarter supporters can help prevent millions of tiny plastic hand sanitizer bottles from ending up in our oceans, which are already being clogged by single-use coronavirus-related waste,” said Pepper.

The stylish Sanikind spray bottle is made out of ocean-bound plastic sourced from employed cleanup crews in Haiti. The Sanikind 16 oz. refill bottle is made of aluminum, not plastic. Not only is Sanikind an effective sanitizer on hands, but also on surfaces.

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Three Danish entrepreneurs, Isabel Aagaard, Nicolas Aagaard and Kare Frandsen are on a mission to end single-use products by creating reusable alternatives. They started LastObject in 2018, and their first product, LastSwab became an instant success. It's a reusable Q-tip/cotton swab alternative and is reducing one of the most significant plastic pollutants in the ocean. Like other entrepreneurs, they started a Kickstarter campaign and reward their backers.

Over 1.5 billion Q-tips and swabs are produced by companies every day. “There are news stories about marine mammals washing ashore due to plastic pollution, so my business partners and I decided to try and solve the problem with LastSwab. The climate emergency we are in is a sign that humans must stop and think differently about single-use items” said Isabel Aagaard 

Consumers can use one LastSwab at least 1000 times, and it can be easily cleaned with soap and water. The tip of the swab is made from medical silicone and nylon and comes in a biodegradable case made of a corn-based material. LastSwab comes in a standard swab for cleaning and a pointed swab for makeup application. 

By purchasing LastSwab you are helping reduce harmful waste impacting our environment. With its success, the company created LastTissue and LastRound. LastTissue is a soft-on-the-nose handkerchief. One LastTissue pack will save the planet from more than +3100 single-use tissues. 

LastRound is a reusable cotton round that comes 7 to a package and is good for up to 1000 uses. Just take a round from the top of the container, apply water or another liquid to soften, use, wash it by hand with soap and water, squeeze out the water, and let it dry outside the case. 

LastObject currently has a Kickstarter campaign for their newest product – LastMask, the world's first zero-waste face mask and spray. 

Each of these innovative products are made to inspire consumers to enjoy longer lasting products, eliminate single-use waste and move towards a cleaner and healthier future.

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