7 Coolest Halloween Costumes from the Movies

The YS Beauty Lab



The YS Beauty Lab

It’s Halloween! For one night, you can dress up as a villain (or anything else, really) and take on a different persona. How ready are you? In case you’re still panicking, here are some last-minute ideas and tips for makeup and costumes based on some of this year’s hottest villains, from pretty sexy to truly scary:

Images: GB Eye/ JoBlo/ Warcraft facebook page/ Valak The Conjuring facebook page/ Annabelle facebook page/ GQ Taiwan/ Slackware

1. Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad

Baby powder, red lipstick, red and blue eye shadow, platinum wig, red and blue nail polish, baseball costume, punk accessories, tattoos, fishnet tights, black-and-white heeled lace-up boots

Likely one of the most popular Halloween characters this year, Harley Quinn is evil but also playful, sexy and ultimately fashionable. Her makeup and costume would take a lot of effort due to the unique and intricate details. Apart from the blue and red face makeup and nail polish, do pay attention to her tattoos: a red-and-black diamond tattoo cluster on her right wrist, plus lots of scribbling on the thighs, which can be achieved by waterproof mascara or tattoo stickers. The iconic “PUDDIN” choker and Jeremy Scott boots may also need some DIY.

2. Enchantress from Suicide Squad

Baby powder, black body paint, body shimmer, long black wig, crescent hair clip, body chain

Despite Cara Delevingne’s temporary withdrawal from the runway, we’re still able to see her in plenty of movies and tabloids. One example is her role as Enchantress from Suicide Squad. Wearing her costume would take a lot of courage, because it’s fundamentally made of body chains plus lots of charcoal powder. Try simplifying the look with a corset top, a sheer maxi skirt with side slits and chain jewelry instead. Don’t forget the shimmery body and crescent headpiece!

3. Garona from Warcraft

Green body paint, false tusks, faux elf ears, tusk headpiece and necklace, dreadlocks wig, black leather costume

I picked this costume to balance out the ghosts and demons on the list. Garona basically belongs to the beast type of villain (like Hulk or Shrek, but sexier), so think of barbaric costume elements like fangs, messy hair, leather and fur. Pay attention to details that make her unique, such as the green skin and elf ears.

4. Demon Nun from The Conjuring 2

Baby powder, black face paint, yellow contact lenses, nun costume, cross pendant necklace

The Conjuring has seriously conjured up a bunch of new villains, including this Demon Nun and the evil doll Annabelle. The Demon Nun is characterized by her wrinkled white skin, yellow eyes and dark lips (think Marilyn Manson). A fake nose may help too!

5. Annabelle from The Conjuring

Baby powder, red tint, golden braided wig, doll costume

Annabelle borrows her look from the creepy doll archetype. Red cheeks are crucial, and so are smeared mascara, a chalk-white face and a fluffy dress. Bonus points if you’re carrying a creepy doll dressed up the same way you are.

6. Sadako from Ring

Baby powder, long black wig, black nail stickers, white night gown

The spookiness of Sadako comes from the fact that her face is never truly revealed. Playing Sadako can be hard with all that hair over your face, so ask a friend to be your “third eye.” Instead of the face, focus on the hands – Sadako has tried climbing up a well, so expect dried blood and dirt on her hands and nails.

7. Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul

Black face mask, short silver wig, red contact lens, Kaneki costume

Last but not least, here comes a representative from Japanese ACG (anime, comic and games). The cannibal Kaneki can easily be identified with his teeth-baring mouth mask, single red eye and single eye patch. Kaneki and Sadako are both excellent choices if you wish to save time putting on and removing your gear and makeup.