A.H.C Premium Hydra Soother Mask Review

The YS Beauty Lab



The YS Beauty Lab

With so many hyaluronic acid-enriched facial masks available, why choose A.H.C’s Premium Hydra Soother Mask? My answer is simple: It’s currently one of the most popular masks here in Hong Kong.

The 100% cotton sheet mask claims to deeply hydrate, soothe and restore moisture balance in skin. Each mask contains 27ml of essence packed with 50% sodium hyaluronate, panthenol (Vitamin B5), hydrolyzed collagen, along with extracts from centella, gingko leaf and panax ginseng, making it particularly suitable for dry, stressed, rough or sensitive skin. Aside from the Hydra Soother Mask, A.H.C also carries the Vital C Complex Mask which is meant for whitening, and the Phyto Complex Mask which aims to restore skin elasticity.

The Hydra Soother Masks are in a luxurious-looking silvery box that gives off a wintry mood. The packaging resembles the actual Hydra B5 Soother essence from the brand.

The sticker turns green under low temperature.

One thing to note is the thermo sticker on the back of each mask. Since the mask works best when chilled, you’re encouraged to put the mask in the fridge until the sticker turns green (it took less than 10 minutes for mine). The sticker quickly returns to its normal white color under room temperature. If you put it back in the fridge, it turns green again. The color won’t come off, so feel free to touch it!

The mask didn’t drip or tear.

The mask adheres smoothly but the eye and nose openings are a bit too big. It also doesn’t drip or tear even without a plastic backing, and is easy to unfold.

Part of my nose was exposed.

There’s a slight fragrance but that doesn’t bother me. Like SKIN FACTORY’s Vega Collagen Ampoule Mask, the essence is thick but not sticky and sinks easier into the skin.

There wasn’t much essence left in the packaging, but it still lasted me a couple more uses.

The mask does a remarkable job in hydrating and soothing my dry and sensitive skin. There are no irritations and the effect lasts for a week. At US$ 54.22 per 5 sheets, I probably won’t be purchasing this in bulk, but I’ll keep some as a rescue mask or as a lavish treat for my skin once in a while.