AT Home Spa Therapies: From The Alchemy Bar at Six Senses, Silversands Grenada, Chablé Yucatan, and Anantara, Thailand.

Anantara/Cucumber Mask ingredients

Reinvigoration in this Covid-19 pandemic is the goal of many retreats and resorts. JustLuxe is grateful to those who have allowed us to publish some of their most interesting and functional ones – ones that can be created at home during this complex time.  Just because we cannot yet go to one of these elegant retreats, we can still feel better using some of these therapies in newly created, though possibly temporary, home spas.

The Alchemy Bar at Six Senses, is an area within Six Senses resorts, a renowned wellness resort brand, where many organic facials, and body scrubs are created. The Six Senses Spa Director of Training, Tammy Dent has prepared two personalized hand scrubs, one for hand washing, one a hand masque, as part of the necessary hand experience, as they have been created to address home spa and hygiene needs in this unique Covid moment.  

Softening Hand Scrub

This scrub will safely return dry hands to a moisturized state. 

•¼ cup Sea Salt

•¼ cup Unrefined Sugar

•1 tbsp Fractionated Coconut Oil

•2 tbsp Raw Honey

•1 tbsp Lemon Juice

•3 drops Grapefruit Essential Oil

Start by mixing the coconut oil with the raw honey, then adding the other ingredients, choosing an essential oil of your choice. Once mixed, keep your scrub in a dark, glass bottle away from direct sunlight to protect the natural ingredients and use regularly.  

Irish Oat Hand Mask

The backs of hands often give away age, as dry spots and darker pigmentation show most on the back of hands.  Raw oats are known to nourish dry skin, as well as lighten and brighten any unusual pigmentation.

•2 tbsp ground raw oats

•1 tbsp honey

•1 – 2 tbsp natural yogurt

Begin by grinding the oats before adding the honey and yogurt. Once applied, wrap the hands in a warm, moist towel and leave the ingredients to soften and smooth, before removing with warm water.  


The Silversands Spa is the wellness dimension of the Silversands Resort. It is on the island of Grenada in the West Indies at the southern end of the Grenadines island chain. With a broad menu blending traditional treatments and locally inspired Caribbean rituals, the spa features a sauna, ice cave, hammam, experiential showers, and Technogym fitness center ? all built around a private pool available exclusively to spa guests.

Coffee and Honey Body Scrub 

Using freshly ground coffee, organic honey and yogurt, this scrub is invigorating and a way to increase blood circulation. Coffee, rich in antioxidants, also has theobromine enzymes. The caffeine in the coffee is believed to help reduce the appearance of cellulite. Honey and yogurt are said to contain antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and also believed to be helpful in preventing and healing acne. 

To make this homemade antioxidant scrub, stir these three ingredients together in a mixing bowl. 

1.1 1⁄2 cup organic honey 

2.1 cup coffee grounds 

3.1 cup plain yogurt 


For each body part, use one tablespoon of your coffee-honey body scrub to exfoliate your skin. 

Apply on damp skin for easy application in circular pattern with medium to heavy pressure depending on skin sensitivity. Rinse off with warm water. Do not use soap, the yogurt and honey act as natural emollients so no body lotion is needed either. 

Silversands Three-Step Revitalizing Facial 

This organic facial is created from natural ingredients including yogurt, honey, lime, cucumber and brown sugar.

Honey and yogurt contain antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Brown sugar is an exfoliator. Lime and Cucumber mixed as toner brings back the Ph balance of skin whilst closing pores leaving skin looking refreshed. If used on a regular basis, it calms the skin's oil production, making it less prone to bacteria. 


a. Face Scrub:1 tablespoon raw honey and 1 tablespoon brown sugar

b. Toner: Juice of one lime, blended with juice of one cucumber, seeds removed.

c. Mask: Yogurt and honey (chilled) 

Mix each pair of ingredients together in 3 bowls and chill the toner & mask in the refrigerator.

On a cleansed face, and using a cotton pad, apply the blended toner in a circular pattern with light to medium pressure to remove excess oil from skin. For the neck, use upward movement towards the face. 

Then, take a spoonful of the blend of honey and brown sugar scrub and massage lightly on your face in a circular massage technique. 

Remove the scrub with a warm face towel and reapply the lime-cucumber toner.

Next, take the blended yogurt and honey and apply a thin layer to face and neck and leave for 15-20 minutes. 

Wash with warm water, without the use of soap. Finish with lime-cucumber toner.



Chablé Hotels is a boutique five-star hotel and wellness group founded on Mayan rituals and traditions.  

The Chablé brand includes two hotels: Chablé Yucatan and Chablé Maroma. Both are located on low-density properties that allow guests to safely social distance – even when the properties are at full occupancy. Chablé Yucatan is set on 750 acres in the heart of the Mayan forest near the historic city of Merida.


Mayan Chaya and Aloe Vera Body Polish 

This nourishing body scrub combines the Chaya, a plant native to the Yucatan with regenerative and revitalizing properties, and Aloe Vera, powerful moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, to leave skin radiant and high spirits from Yucatán area. 


– Chaya Leaf (also called Tree Spinach –these leaves are full of vitamins,  

– Sugar or salt 

-Olive, Coconut or Almond Oil, and Aloe Vera.


Crush or finely chop the Chaya leaves, and pour it into a bowl with the oil of your choice (we recommend olive, coconut or almond oil) with the sugar or salt. Mix well. Add Aloe Vera


-Apply the mixture on the desired area of the body and begin to exfoliate. 

-Let the scrub dry for 15 min, and once dry, leave it on for an additional 5 mins for the products to react. Rinse off and pat skin dry with a cloth. 

-Apply a moisturizer of your preference or a thin layer of almond of coconut oil. 

Mayan Herbal Compress Massage –Sourced directly from the Mayan gardens, these traditional poultices, made of fresh and dried powdered herbs cultivated in our ka’anchés (gardens) are used to undo the body’s pains and tensions. The herbs are mixed with organic oils and applied to the body through deep tissue massage.  


– Two pieces soft fabric of 25 x 25 cm (about 6 inches x 6 inches) to make a poultice covering

– Two ribbons of 15 cm ( 6 inches each) 

– 5g of Linseed

– 10g of Rosemary 

– 10g of Arnica 

– 3g of ground cloves 

– 6g of Thyme 


-Chop or crush the herbs (they can be ground in a blender, mince or chop if they are fresh and mix them with the cloves (they can be fresh or dried herbs). 

-Place half of the linseed in each of the fabric squares, add the mixed herbs to each fabric piece and close the fabric to make a tight compress.  Tie with ribbon to each, so that when massaging, the herbal material does not come loose. 

-Heat 2 cups of water over low heat and place the herbal compresses in water. Cover for 10 minutes so that the herbal poultice moistens and heats well. 


-Apply coconut oil to the area to massage (coconut oil has anti-inflammatory properties) 

-Carefully remove the compresses. Unroll the fabric and remove the excess water. Begin massage applying fabric with a firm and slow precision, thus letting the herbal properties react with your skin.  


 An Organic Face Mask, Scrub and Eye- Depuffer from Anantara Mai Khao Phuket Villas, Thailand

Anantara is a luxury hospitality brand, where wellness is an essential goal for all of their multi-cultural spa therapies and services. Due to the unique quarantining issues related to Covid-19, Anantara is providing essential organic treatments for those who need t in-home spa therapies, so as to maintain wellness at home during this complex time. 

Cooling Cucumber & Yogurt Face Mask

The combination of cucumber and yogurt has a soothing effect on skin. The natural ingredients in cucumber moisturize, soften, smooth, and reduce puffiness, while yogurt is refreshing for tired skin.


•Half a cucumber, grated

•Three Tbsp. of plain natural yogurt

 Combine the mask by combining yogurt and grated cucumber. Apply to face and neck and leave on for 20 minutes. Wash it off using cool water. Use this mask at least three times a week.

A quick remedy for eye de-puffing.

Social distancing and self-isolation can certainly take its toll on the stress levels, and stress brings itself to the surface in many different ways, including puffiness around the eyes. If the need is of a quick fix to soothe the skin under the eyes, parsley is a needful ingredient. The herb has active properties that can diminish dark circles and reduce puffiness under the eyes. 


•Distilled Water

•Chopped parsley

Fill an ice-cube tray with distilled water and add a pinch of parsley to each cube before placing it in the freezer. Rub the frozen cubes gently under the eyes to get rid of under-eye bags and fine lines.




Silversands Honey/Coffee Grounds/Yogurt Ingredients

Six Senses Alchemy Bar


Anantara Spa ingredients

Silversands Spa

Chable Yucatan

Organic Preparations for Spa Treatments

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