Bag Review: Chanel Vanity Case


My 2017 Lunar New Year began with a big bang– hah, a health kinda bang, in a not- too- good way unfortunately. My allergic rhinitis worsened and gave me post-nasal drip which caused my throat to become infected, and my lymph nodes became swollen. I ended up with fever and chills, then bummer, dizzy spells which left me unable to function much for over 5 days! Anyway, today I felt so much better and decided to run errands. But I didn’t stay out long because I didn’t want a relapse. Scary!! I guess it’s true what they say, that when you are no longer a spring chicken, your immune system weakens. LOL

Ahh now for some bag talk. Specifically Chanel. Again. I have been haunted over and over by the image of one specific bag of late– the caviar leather Vanity Case:


I am haunted by it, but I really still find it so hard to justify paying over US$4,000 for it. It is after all, just a small bag.  But ugh, why does it have to be sooooo darn cute?!?!

Vanity cases were originally meant to store makeup and trinkets, and were not really meant to be carried as a “bag,” but this has obviously since changed. Chanel vanity cases never had shoulder straps in the past. But Chanel bags of today have become soooo expensive that maybe it isn’t such a bad idea to carry these older, vintage vanity cases as bags, no? ?

Will you carry an older Chanel makeup case as a bag? Heck, I would! It would have saved me $4,000 ?