Bag Review: The Chanel Denim Classic Bag for FW2016

Chanel denim fw2016/17

Everytime I say to myself that I’m done with Chanel bags, I find myself eating those very words. This coming September 2016, Chanel is releasing this beautiful denim quited bag.
Chanel denim fw2016/17

Many of you might say that denim is not worth the purchase because of the little difference in price compared to that of the same bag in leather. I say this– when you want to buy a bag that you reaaaaallly like, don’t bother with the comparisons in price anymore. If you are dead set on a specific bag and are having sleepless nights because you can’t call the bag yours just yet, then the only decision left is when the purchase is going to happen lol.

The bag is made from denim. It is a gorgeous bag. And you don’t have to worry about color transfers and scratches. And it’s Chanel. Need I convince you more? ?