Capsule Wardrobes Are Trending In Women’s Fashion

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Between Marie Kondo’s stringent cleansing method and the popularity of a minimalist lifestyle, fashionable women everywhere have been trying to walk a fine line between having a closet full of things they love while still trying to keep their sartorial collections to a minimum. But sometimes the old adage is true—less is more. Especially when it comes to your closet.

Capsule wardrobes are trending not only because they reduce the amount of excess in your closet, but because they are easy to coordinate and wear. And who can say no to getting rid of all those unworn, what-was-I-thinking items? Having the right clothing is key to creating a capsule wardrobe. We’re all guilty of impulse buys or jumping on a new trend that we regret later—remember wet-look leggings? But buying beautiful, timeless pieces will help ensure that you have a wardrobe that you can build off of and wear season after season.

Find a label that you love that focuses on clean silhouettes, muted tones and evergreen fabrics to build the base of your wardrobe. A label like Celine, known for their feminine, but simple designs, is a great start for creating your new closet. The famous French fashion house is the eponymous label of Celine Vipiana who created her brand at the end of World War II. Starting as a made-to-measure shoe label for children, she was soon creating haute couture shoes for Paris’ wealthiest. By the ‘60s she had such great success that she expanded her line to women’s clothing, leather goods and accessories.

Today, helmed by Hedi Slimane, the house is known for its Parisian chic looks and contemporary minimalism. Perfect for building that capsule wardrobe. To build the base of your capsule wardrobe, start with a few really versatile pieces that can be worn all year long. Think everyday jeans, basic sweaters, simple dresses and crisp shirts that are easy to mix and match with one another. Stylists recommend around 37 items to start, but how many dresses, jeans, sweaters, etc, will vary on your personal style and need.

Then with each season, buy quality, luxe pieces that will complement the year-round capsule collection. You can grab a few must-haves for your new closet at La Carte 24 Sèvres, the online destination for French boutiques Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche and La Grande Épicerie de Paris. It’s easy to shop the best in French fashion (the standard for a capsule wardrobe) and exclusive designer pieces from brands like Celine, Marni and Dior. Plus shoppers enjoy free delivery and returns, and a loyalty program that includes gift vouchers, invitations to private sales, free alterations and in-store events, like exhibitions, concerts and shows at the Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche. With a new wardrobe, built around a few great pieces, you’ll assemble a closet filled with clothes that work well together and represent your personal style. Each new season, grow your collection slowly and methodically, and you’ll curate a closet of things that you love to wear, define your style and never leave you saying you have nothing to wear. 


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