Chanel Bricolage Backpack

Chanel Bricolage Backpack

Out of all the bags I own and have owned, I have yet to purchase a Chanel. I really want one, but as the prices for new Chanel bags rival a down payment for a house, I’m holding off for  now. If I were to drop $3-5K on a Chanel though, it most certainly would not be this Chanel Bricolage Backpack that looks like what I call a ‘lazy Sunday afternoon’ project. As first seen on the

Chanel Spring 2015 runway, it’s featured in this month’s Vogue with some background on the ‘design’.

According to The Fashion Spot, the look was “inspired by a DIY punk aesthetic.”

Vogue editor Virginia Smith was quoted as saying: “Picture a young art student spray-painting the blank canvas of a classic backpack and then personalizing it with loops of haphazardly woven

ropes and heavy chains — just the kind of punk appropriation Karl Lagerfeld employed [in this instance.]”

So, to summarize, for almost $4K you get a canvas backpack spray painted in the style of a rebellious art school student. Or you could take that $4K and purchase something more worthwhile, like a  house, or even pay a portion of said art college student’s tuition!