Christmas 2016 Road Trip + Bag Reveal!


Special thanks to my family, we are all spending the holidays together again in California ? Last year, we took a trip up north to Lake Tahoe to enjoy a white Christmas. This year, we drove down South to Los Angeles for the holidays after spending a few nights in San Francisco, our home base.

The drive to Los Angeles from SF is a looong one because of all our toilet breaks and haha food breaks! Friends keep egging us to take the scenic highway 101 route but we always insist on going through the boring Insterstate 5 stretch. Because of one thing: FOOD.

About 2.5 hours into the drive from Livermore, is an undeniably nasty smell that emanates from the empty flat fields. Manure!! Haha imagine the outbreak of noise pollution in the car I’m driving to counter the smell hahaha. “IT’S SOOOO STINKY! MY NOSTRILS ARE BURRRRNIIIING!!!” Hahahaha!!

This happened back in 2014 and no change in 2016– the smell is still very much present. I wonder how the townspeople nearby lived with the smell though– oh and there are NO cows in sight lol!! A short drive later, we arrive at Coalinga. The heart of Harris Ranch. “Poopville” to the kids lol ?


Don’t be fooled by the clear blue sky. It was COLD!!!

Even that knit jacket I was wearing wasn’t exactly keeping me warm!


Ohhh by the way, Christmas 2016 reveal! I swear I don’t have EQ. I held off on the black and red LV Palm Springs mini backpack. But when I was offered the otherwise sold out Palm Springs World Tour mini backpack, this sucker succumbed lol. So here she is, the Christmas 2016 “damage” lol!!


I am honestly so impressed by this compact- sized backpack’s capacity to hold all my junk!! I currently have 4 passports inside, along with my wallet, a phone (it can hold 2 of my Samsung phones), my MAC powder compact and MAC lipstick, and car keys. I had actually also tried stuffing a pair of jeans (on its own) on a separate occasion and it fits inside the bag!

The detachable and adjustable thin and long straps are what I especially like about this backpack. You can be wearing a puffer coat and be looking like a Michelin man but you’d still be able to carry the backpack without problems– the straps easily loop through the thick sleeves of the jacket. If this were the medium backpack of the same style (or other backpacks for that matter), you’d have great difficulty looping the strap through your sleeves! So yay, this bag hag is a happy camper ?

Sorry I veered off again from the topic of Harris Ranch… ahh Poopville! Harris Ranch serves excellent steak, and this was worth the boring few hours of driving along a route that was not only devoid of any jawdroppingly beautiful scenery, but was also filled with quite the smell lol.

Harrisranch 12

This family needed man food. Dang I really can’t be vegan in this family or I’ll be missing out on the meatfest lol. The temptation is just far too great and I don’t have that kind of discipline to follow through lol #fail.


Bone- in Prime Rib, medium rare. Perfectly cooked. I don’t recommend the medium because it comes to you a bit on the brown side already because the steak still cooks while being served. Medium rare, folks. Don’t forget ?

And yes, I finished all of this. I didn’t bother with the baked potato though I did eat the broccoli (haha I needed something “healthy” lol).

Harris Ranch also served freshly baked pies and we went for a slice of Apple Pie and a slice of the Cranberry Orange Cheesecake. A tad too sweet but hey, we needed energy for the next half of the drive to Los Angeles. It would be another 3.5 hours of a long drive before we reached our destination ?

We got into LA around 8.30pm already (we left SF at 10.45am lol) after all the pitstops we made. And today, LA is gray and wet!!! Boooo!!!!

More of our adventures in LA on my Instagram Stories or hey, you can always just watch this space ?