Christmas Bag Wishlist: Prada Cahier Bag


The Prada Cahier bag has been on the wishlist of many bag lovers, and unfortunately (and expectedly) the brand did not produce enough of this style to meet demand! The Cahier (not to be mistaken as “Cashier” because haha I made this mistake as well before) looks like an old book,  secured by a “belt.”


Photo Credit: L’Officiel Malaysia


I ended up with one and really do love the look, but I am honestly a wee bit disappointed only because while it is actually quite roomy due of its “accordion” shape, I had so much difficulty getting things in and out of the bag.


Photo by: Sandor Simon

I ended up not slipping the belt through the metal enclosure which made access so much easier, but it also did change the look of the bag. So ended up having to stick out access difficulty with the belt back in its original place– because haha I want to retain the cool look of the bag ?  If you aren’t in any rush to open your bag to grab something, then this is a bag I would highly recommend owning if you can find it. It is a bit heavy, but is definitely still very manageable weight- wise. The strap of the bag is thick so it won’t cut through your shoulders when you carry the bag for an extended period of time.

This would definitely make a good Christmas present to yourself– and hopefully you are lucky enough to score one ? I do love the red and green versions of this too, by the way. Very Christmas-y ?