Ciro Jewelry Brings Traditional Jewelry Into The Modern Vogue

Attraction is what most people involuntarily or intentionally want to elicit from others; such is human nature. Among other things, gemstones have had the power to infuse charm within their holder that helps attract others for centuries. Natural diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds possess magnetism and emanate power. Those qualities, however, come at a steep price. Over the last two hundred years, the world population has grown almost tenfold; the demand for gemstones has risen exponentially, far outpacing the population growth and stones availability. No matter how attractive they are, gems remain out of reach for most people because of the price, and lately—for sustainability concerns. It is an open secret that gemstones are often mined in horrific conditions, hence is the name “conflict” or “blood” diamonds. That is also true of other gemstones. In the last fifty or so years, technological progress has brought a solution to those qualms and hurdles. 

The grand foursome—diamonds, sapphires, rubies, and emeralds—now have artificial twins or near twins. As design—or costume–jewelry emerged as an alternative to fine jewelry, so did cubic zirconia, lab diamonds, corundum, and moissanite now can serve as proxies for the big four. Ciro Jewelry, a fashion jewelry company with an impeccable pedigree going back to 1917, and the industry reputation that has grown more substantial over hundred years of its existence, has made its goal to bring fine jewelry traditions, splendor, and style to the more affordable but no less attractive costume jewelry.  Ciro uses cubic zirconia, corundum, and moissanite in place of diamonds, rubies, sapphire, and emeralds. Those manmade stones are almost indistinguishable to the naked eye yet possess nearly all the properties of their mined semi-identical twins.

Ciro stones, called CIROLIT, come in different shapes and colors. They shine sapphire-blue, ruby-red, and emerald-green and are available in all common cuts such as Asher, princess, and pear. “Ciro pearls,” that the company was famous for in the 1920s are also in stock. As their surface is covered in pure oysters’ mother-of-pearl, they are absolutely indistinguishable from natural ones. 

In the long run, synthetic stones are most likely to prevail over natural gems on the market. The most crowded—the lower and middle price range–market segments with price-sensitive and sustainability-conscious customers will stay loyal to such jewelers as Ciro that offers the Chanel and Chopard looks at the most reasonable prices. To check out Ciro’s latest Black Tie, First Love, and Cocktail collections, visit their website or enjoy the show on their Instagram.


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