Cute Beauty Gifts She’ll Absolutely Adore

The YS Beauty Lab



The YS Beauty Lab

‘Tis the season to go shopping!

Maybe you’re worrying about what to get for your besties, colleagues, relatives or other half. Perhaps you need a list of gifts for the company’s lucky draw, or you just want to pamper yourself a little. You know what many women have in common? We’re princesses at heart, yearning to be pretty and pampered! That’s when a beauty gift comes into play.

To help with your holiday gift giving, I’ve put together a list of budget-friendly, charming and useful beauty products featuring some of the cutest animated characters. Many of these suggestions are either new to the market or consistent bestsellers. And most are under US$25!

Girly Girl

What’s more suitable for a girly girl than Sailor Moon’s bejeweled transformation pen? Resembling the pen from the comics, this limited-edition eyeliner has received 100% satisfaction from all YesStyle 100 customers who’ve reviewed it. Apart from Sailor Moon products, Japanese brand Creer Beaute also carries face masks, lipsticks, blushes and mascaras from The Rose of Versailles, Card Captor Sakura and more.

Alternatively, opt for Sanrio’s makeup and skincare featuring some of its best-known characters like Hello Kitty and My Melody. The Race Hello Kitty makeup series boasts opulent metallic packaging that rivals high-end beauty brands. Who says animated characters are for kids only?

Mellow Yellow

Yellow animated characters like Minions, Gudetama and Pikachu are now more popular than ever, and beauty companies have capitalized on this trend by producing crossover products inspired by the characters’ appearance, personality and nature. An egg-cellent example is Holika Holika’s Gudetama Lazy & Easy Edition featuring lipbuttons (lipsticks that protrude when pressed), face masks with Gudetama’s face printed on them, nail stickers and more. I particularly like the Smooth Egg Skin Peeling Gel that seamlessly combines the brand’s original egg-white-infused product with the Gudetama motif. Just can’t wait to crack open that egg!

You can also find Gudetama face, nose and foot masks from My Scheming, plus a couple of products from Sanrio. Though all three brands offer face masks, only Holika Holika’s and Sanrio’s are printed. Each is different from the others, but looks equally hilarious on the face!

Artsy Classy

These are for the artsy girls who want animated characters with a more sophisticated tone, such as the original princesses from Korean cosmetics brand BEAUTY PEOPLE, or illustrations from Yoshitomo Nara. I’ve also included a lip balm from The History of Whoo. Though the brand does not include any animated character, its products carry a gold-tone packaging and are often embossed, enameled or printed with patterns and florals. With these gift ideas, you now have something for the princesses-at-heart on your list!