Delicious-Looking Beauty Products to Feast Your Eyes On



The YS Beauty Lab

When it comes to presenting products in a cute and fun way, Asian beauty brands lead the pack. From Skinfood to Tony Moly, these companies know exactly how to whet your appetite without actually adding calories. Some of their creations are even based on famous Asian foods – like bubble tea, which originates from Taiwan, and Chocopie, a popular snack in Korea that was significantly featured in the K-drama Descendants of the Sun.

Best of all, these whimsically designed products are not just eye candy, but are made to beautify your skin. What’s better than feasting on macarons, ice cream and cookies while knowing that you will only get prettier? Now pamper your body and soul with these decadent “desserts!”

Hey Sweetie

I just love the idea of honey ampoules and sugar scrubs. Honey is naturally antibacterial and full of anti-oxidants, making it an effective remedy for acne and premature aging. It’s also extremely moisturizing and soothing, and makes your skin glow. YesStyle features many honey-infused ampoules, lip balms and creams. I’ve highlighted Farm Stay’s honey ampoule here because it looks so much like a real jar of honey (It’s from a “farm,” after all). Better keep this one away from children!

Sugar is a natural exfoliant and moisturizer thanks to its ability to attract water. This brown sugar scrub from TOSOWOONG comes in a huge tub at a low price point. I always keep one in my bath and bring it when I travel to treat myself to a full massage, since the sunflower seed oil in the scrub makes it gentle and nourishing. The scrub is especially useful in dry climates and on dry, rough areas of my body like the heels and elbows.

Let Them Eat Cake

Honey and sugar are just raw materials, though, so let’s go one step further to look at some desserts! HANAKA’s macaron clay masks are available in over a dozen colors, each made from a different primary ingredient to address various skin concerns. However, I’m particularly attracted to this set of moisturizing masks because of its clever combination of pastel colors. This set of five macarons actually has two masks inside each one, for a total of 10.

There are also a handful of creamy options: Sun Smile’s Whip Hand and Body Cream, which comes with a star-shaped nozzle; Papa Recipe’s Honey Pudding Cream; The Saem’s Chocopie Hand Cream; and It’s Skin’s yogurt-like Cookie & Hand Cream. Many of these have a fluffy, marshmallow-like texture, and are deliciously scented to resemble strawberry, rose, vanilla or mint. You can even keep the containers for other uses.

It’s Cool!

Popsicles, iced drinks and chilled fruits are undoubtedly the best summer treats. When the sun is high and everything seems to melt and boil, how about chillaxing at home with these fruity point pads, gel bars and bubble tea masks? Available in hyper-realistic designs, they help quench your skin’s thirst, soothe and firm your complexion and offer a refreshing sensation, especially after a fun day out!