Dog Days with Thom Browne’s Hector Tote


One of my favorite instagram accounts that I follow is of a dog. Yup, not of a style blogger, of relating to travel, but of a dog ? Because the photos of this dog cracks me up biiig time especially on days that are difficult or stressful! He is a bulldog and his account name is @bigchunkymonkey.

I love dogs. I am definitely a dog person more than I am a cat person. I have a Jack Russell Terrier who has been my “son” and loyal friend for 14 years.
ElvismyboyHe is an oldie now, at 98!

So when I saw this furry Thom Browne tote, I immediately thought of all the dog lovers out there. Although I do find this rather cute, I think this bag is impractical. I imagine it can’t really hold a lot of things, but it is cute and looks quite realistic ? The Hector tote is made with beaver fur.


It is cute, no? If his ears were longer, he’d have looked like a bunny!!!


thomdoggie2Ok so the only impediment to my wanting this as a bag would be its price. I cannot justify the amount (priced at $2,930) because I know I won’t be using this bag as much anyway, although it would make a nice decorative piece somewhere around the house ?

Would you buy it?