Dressing Smart Casual With Style: A Luxury Guide For Men


In this second installment of our series on men’s contemporary dress codes, we explore the ever so elegant smart casual style. The series began with a casual look guide. You’ll now discover how to upgrade your style with a few simple tips.

If you’ve been invited to a party that requires a smart casual attire, you might be wondering exactly what that means. Smart casual is indeed an ambivalent, and sometimes confusing, dress code. Further complicating matters, the definition of the style varies significantly depending on the location and season of the occasion.

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The modern smart casual style explained

Smart casual generally means that you should wear neat and well-fitted clothes, preferably with a shirt and a blazer. It isn’t as formal as your business outfit, but it does have to show that you cared and made an effort with your clothes.

In most cases, you can wear dark-colored jeans with a blazer. There is, however, one important exception to the rule if you’ve been invited to a smart casual wedding. For weddings, jeans won’t do. Opt instead for neat chinos in blue or beige and add a clean pocket square to your ensemble.

As a general rule, you should always keep the location and occasion in mind when selecting your outfit.

When unsure about what the host means by smart casual, ask them if they could share a few examples or check with other guests who might have been there before. When in doubt, opt for the more formal option. It’s always better to be slightly overdressed than underdressed. No one ever said that a man looked too good.

And if you still need help, you can dive into this in-depth guide to smart casual for men to find inspiration and guidance.

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You don’t have to spend much money on your wardrobe but we do recommend that you invest in a few selected pieces that will last you for a long time. This is the case, in particular, with your blazer.

Because the smart casual style is relatively timeless, it isn’t really influenced by short-lived fashion trends. It’s thus easier to future-proof your wardrobe with a few selected items that you can keep for years.