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For many people, it can be a serious struggle to think of the perfect Father’s Day gift. Most of the things he could possibly want he already owns, and rarely is he ever vocal about what you could get him that will make him happy. This year, forget the tie or cologne and give Dad a gift that stands for luxury, status, elegance, and reliability – something that he can wear every single day and love forever: a Rolex watch.

Many people think that a Rolex is far out of their price range, but with pre-owned Rolex watches, you can get all of the same luxury and exclusivity at a mere fraction of the price. Celebrate that special father in your life by showing him exactly how much he means to everyone. A genuine Rolex on his wrist will be a daily reminder of just how much everyone in the family loves him and appreciates everything that he has done for them.



When shopping for a Father’s Day gift, Rolex watch prices might scare you. However, buying a pre-owned Rolex watches can allow you to get Dad that perfect, elegant timepiece without spending a fortune.

Used Rolex prices often vary by model and condition, so do some shopping around to figure out what style you think would best suit the man in your life. Perhaps he’d like the traditional GMT-II model is an ideal gift to fathers, or would really love the Rolex Submariner. Each model offers the same precision and attention to detail that one would expect from a Rolex, but with slightly different features.

A Gift That Will Last A Lifetime

Because of the quality and precision of the workmanship that goes into each watch, used Rolex prices often hold steady over time. A Rolex is a gift that he can wear throughout his entire life, and in a variety of circumstances. A used Rolex watch will bring something special to even a casual outfit, and will perfectly finish off a business ensemble. It will keep impeccably stylish time while scuba diving, or at his daughter’s soccer game. It truly is the one piece of jewelry that every man needs in his wardrobe.

There’s a lot to consider when selecting the right watch. Unlike other brands that often only have one really iconic piece in their portfolio, Rolex is anything but shy on selection. Different case sizes, materials, eras, complications, and overall aesthetics provide countless options, allowing you to find the perfect watch for Dad this Father’s Day.


Assuming you’ve so far narrowed the field down to pre-owned and not vintage, we’ve decided to break down some of the pros and cons of some of our favorite models from the brand to give you a bit of insight as you approach that big decision. At the end of the day, personal preference is destined to triumph when it comes to what feels right on the wrist, but if you need some help picking out the perfect model for Dad, this guide should at least start steering you in the right direction.

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Being the classic to end all classics, the Rolex Submariner is the most logical jumping-off point for this list. Not only is it a true classic in terms of design and pedigree, but it’s also a proper tool watch that was engineered from day one to take as much of a beating as you can throw at it. Given its longstanding history, there is no shortage of different models and references to choose from. However, the Submariner 16610 came to mind for this list as it strikes the right balance between modern functionality and slight vintage charm.

The Submariner 16610 is the ideal blend of fashion, functionality, and durability. With its striking blend of masculine features and delicate craftsmanship, the ref. 16610 is the perfect watch for the active father in your life. This particular model is comprised of an all stainless steel case, which showcases the gloss black dial bordered by a black bidirectional bezel. The dial features luminous white hour markers, which allow for greater visibility underwater, and a strong and durable oyster bracelet, made with hand-brushed stainless steel. A Rolex Submariner 16610 is the perfect choice for any Rolex watch collection, particularly for the important father in your life.

The Submariner 16610 is the last reference from Rolex to feature an aluminum bezel insert – known to slowly fade with age and give the Sub a unique aesthetic characteristic – alongside the modern convenience of being fitted with a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal rather than the acrylic crystals fitted to vintage models like the Submariner 5513. It is also powered by the Rolex caliber 3135, which still powers modern Submariner models to this day. Finally, it also lands in a bit of a sweet spot price-wise, as it is currently more affordable than both its vintage predecessors and its more modern siblings, which all sport a redesigned case and Cerachrom ceramic bezels.

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Unlike the Submariner, the Rolex Datejust is a significantly dressier alternative that equally highlights the masterful engineering and finishing of all things Rolex. With case sizes ranging from a compact 34mm up to a much more contemporary 41mm, there is a Datejust model out there to suit all wrist sizes and aesthetic preferences.

Additionally, the model range is by far the broadest in the brand’s collection, providing an array of watches to choose from in steel, gold, or two-tone configuration, with baton, roman numeral, or even diamond-set indices. Because the collection is so broad, it would be unfair to narrow the Datejust down to a single reference.

The smooth-bezel Datejust II 116300 has a fair bit of appeal on account of its slightly less flashy aesthetic when compared to its fluted bezel siblings. On the other hand, there’s a fair level of appeal to rocking a piece that speaks more to the Datejust’s roots – such as the stainless steel and yellow gold Datejust 116233 with a fluted bezel and champagne dial. This classic two-tone aesthetic paired with Rolex’s hallmark traits such as a gold fluted bezel and Jubilee bracelet create a truly timeless design and help make this configuration instantly recognizable as a Rolex watch.

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The Rolex Explorer II is firmly on the tool/utility side of the brand’s catalog; however, its thinner case profile and flatter fixed bezel help make it a fair bit more versatile if you’re looking to tuck under a shirt cuff. The Explorer II was a serious departure for Rolex when it first launched in 1971, created specifically with explorers, adventurers, and spelunkers in mind.

A heavy application of luminous material on its indices and hands, and a 24h indication using an oversized hand are key elements of its design that still carry forward to the present day (though past references scaled-down the 24h hand size for a brief period). Aside from the big orange hand, the Explorer II is arguably one of the more understated Rolexes on the market as well, as its case and bracelet are exclusively crafted from stainless steel and feature a brushed finish throughout rather than the high polish seen on countless other models.

Offering dual timezone functionality via its independently adjustable hour hands, the Explorer II makes an ideal companion for both travel and everyday use. Occasionally referred to as the Rolex for the non-Rolex guy, the Explorer II is a fantastic choice for someone in the market for a truly versatile daily-wear watch that will last a lifetime.

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Given its permanent position at the top of the Rolex pyramid, and the jaw-dropping auction results that continue to surface from the vintage watch market, the Rolex Daytona is an absolute no-brainer when it comes to potential watches from the brand that deserves a spot on your radar this Father’s Day.

We all remember the significant fanfare that came along with the first ceramic-bezel Daytona in stainless steel – the reference 116500 – and though the watch was released a number of years ago, these models remain a proper pain to track down, with multi-year waiting lists present at retailers worldwide. As appealing as the ceramic bezel is, we still have a soft spot for the steel-cased Daytona 116520, which sports a matching engraved steel bezel.

The proportions of the modern Daytona have remained largely unchanged since the model migrated to a self-winding caliber in 1988. A 40mm case, screw-down pushers, and pronounced crown guards, paired with a simple 3-register chronograph dial layout ensure the Daytona remains instantly identifiable by any self-respecting watch enthusiast. Similar to the Explorer II, the Daytona is designed to go from day to night, and from the boardroom to the beach with ease, and given their ability to retain value and appreciate, they’re one of the smartest investments in the watch world right now.

For the ultimate expression of love and appreciation make this day dedicated to Dad extra special by splurging on a watch that he deserves! Whether dad is into steel, gold, or a combination of both, you can never go wrong with a Rolex!

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