Four Styles of Handbags to Suit Different Occasions

black bag

Today we introduce four different styles of bag material, I believe can help meet the needs of everyday life office ladies various occasions.

Canvas Tote

Why not ask the preferred canvas bag, this year with the environmental topic in depth, canvas bag in the fashion arena has become increasingly important role. Casual temperament canvas bag, most suitable for everyday shopping and use, the most important representatives of the second-tier brands Le Tanneur SOCO. The young girl’s demand brand familiarity, introduced bright colors of GOA striped canvas bag, under the canvas background, add different colors, different shapes of leather stripes, adding art. Manhattan series will SOCO classic case of five-petal pattern as the main pattern, PVC gum fabrics will bring spiritual beauty petals out. All the girls have a romantic mood in SOCO colorful designs reflected most vividly younger

Commuter Bag

Commuter bag is suitable for work, business negotiations and other formal occasions, in the style concise, elegant, and in the material, it is best to select dermal this material, more to highlight the quality of the bag. For commuter bag, the most important French luxury brand Chanel, Chanel is the first role for decorative quilting process added to the giuseppe zanotti online handbag design brand, under this process and the birth of argyle handbags is to become a classic classic, has loved fashion.

Cartoon Bag

If you are tired of drab, old-fashioned style of handbags, then these colorful, fancy handbags girls, you will love, this is the preferred shopping Oh! After reading, you do not want to fall in love with it is immune Oh. Cute, gorgeous, never willing to ordinary, American girls brand juicy couture for interpretation of the trend, she will also be given these styles of handbags under the brand presents us with a set of bright and generous personality accessories.

Evening Clutch

How to make yourself at the dinner color it? Of course, is to choose a superior dinner handbags. General escape handbag design, santi evening bags with bright colors, exquisite handmade craft decorated beads and sequins, intricate mosaic pattern, filled with rich ethnic customs, China will be an extreme beauty brought before us.