Hockerty: Upscale Custom Clothing for Men

Since 2008, Hockerty has been providing custom suits and Custom dress shirts for the fashionably inclined. From their made to measure shirts with six types of dress shirt plackets to everyday to fashionable suits, Hockerty has become the e-commerce leader allowing their customers complete freedom to design their own clothes by choosing from a wide range of styles and fabric.

Hockerty allows the user to design their own dress shirt allowing each shirt to be a true made to measure shirt perfect for any occasion. From casual to business, Hockerty’s custom dress shirts are tailored perfectly for each individual, providing the best custom dress shirt online. Providing a ‘Perfect Fit Guarantee’ – they cover some of the alteration costs made by your local tailor or, alternatively, we will make a new garment for you – with each of their shirts, they stand by the motto that they will continue until the shirt is to your satisfaction and fits you perfectly.

The process starts with a user signing on to their website and following three easy steps: choose the fabric, design your shirt and insert your measurements. With new fabrics arriving every season, to start, you will be able to choose from more than 100 shirt fabrics. Next, you are able to truly customize the shirt by personalizing everything from collar style and color, button threads color, cuffs style and color, short or long-sleeved and even adding your own initials. Lastly, simply take your measurements from the comforts of your home and receive a perfect fit shirt at your home soon after.

Whether you decide to design a button-up or a button-down dress shirt when using the unique dress shirt designer, you can be confident with that perfect shirt whether with your best fitting suit or under your favorite sweater. Since the company doesn’t provide the standard shirt sizes, customers can truly revel in the fact that each shirt is truly made to order. They believe that since every person is special, so should be the custom-tailored shirt they wear.  

A true gentleman needs to look his best to feel his best. So, when it comes to types of shirt plackets, choosing one that fits your style and personality is key. For those beginners to picking the right placket a brief crash course of the six types. The Front Placket is the most popular shirt with a standard collar and buttons, providing a very business-like, dressy appearance. Next is the No Placket (French Front), a more sophisticated shirt placket with seams along the buttons only on one side. The Covered Placket (Fly Front) is a more formal option with only the collar button being visible, a shirt often associated with tuxedo events. The sporty and informal Popover Placket is a more casual option with only three buttons, making it comfortable to put on by just the shirt over your head. The Tuxedo Front (plain) is a version of the French Front Placket, but the top four buttons can be removed and replaced with tuxedo studs. Last but certainly not least, the Pleated Tuxedo Front features small fabric folds on the shirt front, with the top four buttons also replaceable with tuxedo studs.

To pair any perfectly fitted shirt, a gentleman needs an elegant and stylish looking suit to match. An absolute must in your suit collection (due to recent popularity) navy blue suits can be used in many occasions from more formal with a polo, to a job interview with a Front Placket shirt and handkerchief. While some may argue that black suits have already lived through their best times, they are still classy and classic and can be used for a special event. A new favorite among gentlemen, charcoal grey suits truly allow the user to run wild and show their true fashion IQ from matching with a wide variety of shirt and tie combos to the right colored shoes. Three other colored suits for the bolder man are green, beige and burgundy suits. Often to be used in more casual or fashion-forward type events, these color combinations truly give off a cool and elegant vibe.


When you are ready to head off to a special event, any gentleman needs to make sure they are properly dressed from head to toe. The perfect outfit, no matter the occasion, isn’t complete without a great pair of shoes. Shoes have the uncanny ability to make the difference between shabby and chic and make or break your perfectly polished outfit. From the common Oxford shoes, Derby shoes, Monk Strap shoes, Brogue shoes, Wingtip shoes, Cap Toe shoes, and Wholecut shoes, Hockerty’s newest addition is allowing users to design their very own shoes no matter the style. Each custom-made dress shoe is created by hand, one by one, by true artisans in Spain ensuring truly bespoke pieces. Similar to the process with their dress shirts, the easy process of creating your shoe begins with choosing from a selection of leathers and fabrics, picking your style and inputting your size.


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