Hopping into the Hoop Trend



I first mentioned the grommet trend in March 2016 but I never expected it to last this long. Since then, this trend has evolved and now includes any clothing with one or more metal hoops. I call this the “hoop” trend.

Unlike ordinary metal chokers, bangles and rings, the most trend’s popular items tend to show the hoop lying flat on a surface like a full circle, or in a row of two to three hoops embellishing the hem. Hoop earrings are classic, but only basic. Let’s hoop for the better!


Metal hoops can appear on clothing in the form of a single grommet on the side slits, an inset on the sleeve, lace-ups, pulltabs or piercings at the hem. Choose outfits in plain dark colors so the metal hoops can stand out. Complement your hoop-accented outfit with geometric or other similarly shaped accessories (e.g., hoop earrings or retro round glasses) to make the round theme even more obvious.

Head and Toes

Be it a baseball cap or a beret, a hat can look instantly ulzzang with a few grommets at the edge. After all, the style became famous because G-Dragon wore a snapback version. As for shoes, try not to confine yourself to lace-up boots despite their failsafe and timeless appeal. A circular buckle on the vamp and perforated straps at the ankles add a military vibe.


This is where you should invest the most! To instantly elevate your look, simply throw on a belt, a bangle, a hair clip or a bag featuring the magical circle(s). As mentioned in my earlier article, you only need a single hoop at the front to create focus and a futuristic mood. Voila! Now you can rival the most fashion-conscious celebs and bloggers!