How Mirror Is Changing the At-Home Fitness Game

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At-home workouts have been on the rise during the COVID-19 pandemic and everyone is looking for a way to get in their cardio at home. But before you run off and grab the latest Peloton Tread, and empty out a guest room to make space for your new gear, this super-sleek, tech-forward device might be the better option for your home. 

Toted as “the nearly invisible home gym,” Mirror is a revolutionary piece of home tech, that has recently grabbed the attention of some of the biggest names in fitness. With the addition of the rise in home machines and workouts, Lululemon has just picked up the startup for $500 million.

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Think of Mirror as a blend of Peloton gear meets home design. Mirror is an entire workout studio held within the space of a wall. When off, it looks like a basic mirror, another element to your interior design, but when on, there’s a series of features and add on’s that make your Peloton look boring. Get expert instruction from certified trainers from the country's top fitness studios who provide motivation and live feedback, get personalized and focused adjustments to your training in real-time to better align with your individual goals and needs, and if you just want to get in the zone, create a customized playlist just right for you. 

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While you can watch both yourself and the instructor with Mirror (got to make sure you’re getting those squats perfectly right), it’s more than just an instructional screen. It combines the best of personalized training, tech and design into one streamlined piece. Mirror measures your heart rate and syncs up with your Apple Watch or monitor, tracks your heart rate zones through various workouts and tracks your progress so you can see how you’re improving from week to week.

If you’re looking to grab one for your home, prices start at $1,495 with memberships starting at $39 a month and personal training session at only $40 a class. Classes include meditation, strength, pre/postnatal exercise, chair, stretch, barre, yoga, boxing, kickboxing, Pilates, family fun, dance, cardio and toning. It’s a total body gym for any workout you could want, right at home.

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