How to Accessorize with Statement Jewelry



The beauty of statement jewelry is that it only takes one piece to bring life to a simple outfit. While many feel that bold and attention-grabbing jewelry can be hard to pull off, it isn’t as difficult as it seems. All you need is a balance of colors, textures and proportions. You can either keep it simple by working your outfit around a single eye-catching piece, or incorporate well-coordinated statement pieces into your clothing so they can form a balanced look.

Here are four trendy ways to flaunt your statement jewelry:

Matching Fabric

Fabric earrings are on trend now! Rebelling against the typical metal construction, these funky earrings come in the form of grosgrain ribbons, nylon, mesh or even embroidery to boost your feminine vibe. Wear an outfit in a matching fabric for a coordinated look, like a chiffon maxi to go with mesh butterfly or silky ribbon earrings. Or try a structured floral skater dress paired with butterfly embroidery or striped fabric earrings. Aside from fabrics, you can also look for harmony in color, pattern or motif.

Avoid wearing statement earrings and necklaces at the same time to prevent having too much around your face. Instead, wear a cuff bracelet. If you wish to wear two pieces of statement jewelry at the same time, choose only one each for the face and hands. You can’t go wrong!

Color Contrast

The easiest and safest way to pull off bright or chunky jewelry is to use a black or white canvas and let the jewelry’s color pop. Since color-blocking is back this fall, I also suggest using single-colored pieces on color-blocked outfits. Your accessory doesn’t have to be gemstone-studded or plain metal – be creative by trying out atypical materials like acrylic, resin, fabric, ceramic and enamel. Use primary colors (red, blue or yellow) or jewel tones to relive the mod look.

Statement Bangle + Long Sleeves

Since statement sleeves aren’t going away anytime soon, why not create a unique look with statement bangles over long sleeves? Look for a fitted monochrome top with fitted or flared sleeves, and a slender metallic cuff bangle or elasticized beaded bracelet. Make sure to adjust its size so it won’t slip from the sleeves. You can wear a matching strap watch on the other wrist in a similar manner. There’s no need to stack your bangles – the way you wear it should be enough to grab attention.

Statement Earrings + White Shirt

For a low-key combination, look to the timeless white shirt and a pair of metallic drop earrings. Let your earrings speak volumes by keeping your top sharp and simple. Also, make sure your earrings frame your face properly and don’t put on too much makeup. For hair, an up-do or ponytail would be nice, or you can simply tug strands behind your ears for a sleek and natural look.

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