Popular nano colors I saw on pre-owned bag sites were black, red and taupe – all of which are classic and were also top contenders for me.The Céline Luggage quickly became one of my favorite and most-used ones, as I’m sure you guys can tell.These totes have unfortunately gone through numerous price increases since they were launched. There are quite a few on the pre-owned market, which is where I looked for a while but couldn’t find the color I wanted.

Whenever I wear this bag I inevitably get questions on how to keep a white bag clean. I wish there were a magical answer, but it’s just preventative and regular care! I mention some steps in the video, but I’ve rounded up below what I do for my leather handbags, broken into 3 categories:

1. Preventative Care:

– Choose the right leather for you. This is personal preference, but if there’s the option, I’ll usually choose textured leathers (caviar, saffiano, pebbled, grained) over smooth. I’m a fairly clumsy person and such leathers are usually easier for me to wipe clean, and are better for concealing small nicks and scratches.

– Avoid rubbing against dyed fabrics. Dark denim is the enemy of light-colored bags, especially if you get caught out in the rain. Like I mentioned, I still use my bags regularly, I just take a little extra care to either carry them on my shoulders or hand so they’re not rubbing against the danger item.

– Pre-treat with a protectant spray. I use CADILLAC SHIELD SPRAY which is supposed to help repel water and stains on leather, suede, nubuck, and other fabrics. APPLE GARDE is another popular version but I haven’t tried it yet. To apply, I usually spray 1 coat as evenly as possible, let it dry fully, spray a second coat and then re-apply one every other season or so on my most-worn pieces. Make sure to apply this on items before you use them, or clean used items first so you don’t end up sealing in any dirt. Also, definitely make sure you do this outdoors. I haven’t yet had to put the effectiveness of this product to test, but I’ve read reviews about it repelling water on a variety of items, from suede boots to leather jackets to Chanel lambskin bags.

2. Regular Care:

– Buff with leather cleaner & conditioner. For certain leathers (I do not do this with saffiano coated) you should use a leather lotion that cleanses and conditions every so often, especially in dry weather to prevent leather from cracking. I use CADILLAC’S LEATHER CONDITIONER, and another popular option is MELTONIAN CREAM POLISH in one of the colorless options.

– Wipe-downs on frequently touched areas. Most of my bags are low-maintenance, but for white or lighter colored bags I try to do this more regularly. As mentioned in my video, oils, lotion, and sweat from your body come into contact with your purses often – these may look invisible at first but could develop into discoloration or stains over time. For treated or coated leathers (not delicate leathers), a white cloth or paper towel that’s very slightly damp with water should be fine.

3. Stain targeting:

I haven’t yet encountered bag stains, knock on wood, but have read about these methods around the web for care on designer bags. Please exercise caution when trying anything yourself!

– Helpful Purse Forum threads: Aside from their general HANDBAG CARE & MAINTENANCE section, THIS POST on a Gucci thread has a fairly comprehensive summary of cleaning tips for stains and odor. On a CELINE CARE SECRETS thread on The Purse Forum, members mentioned Chanel eye makeup-remover, white erasers, as well as La Mer cream (not sure if I’m ready to part with precious face cream as a cleaner yet!) working magic on their bag stains.

– For ink stains on white bags, try to apply a little white toothpaste onto the stain using a toothbrush. Wipe away with a slightly damp cloth and then buff dry with another cloth.

– When all else fails, there are many businesses like leather spas (where you can ship your items to) dedicated to cleaning and restoring bags and shoes. Re-dying is an option when the color or surface of a bag is just beyond rescue via cleaning. Some of the before & after pics I’ve seen are nothing short of astonishing! Just be prepared that like with dry cleaning, something could go wrong or not get clean even under the care of skilled professionals.

– After spot cleaning stains, try to use an aforementioned bag cleaner / conditioner all around the exterior to prevent new stains or water rings from settling in.