Introducing the Burberry DK88 Bag

Burberry DK88 Back closeup

There’s a new bag in town from Burberry and there’s not a check in sight

Burberry is synonymous with trench coats and its iconic Nova check pattern, which has been used for many of its bags. It’s not that I don’t like the pattern, but that look serves a certain purpose, and for me, it’s not exciting as an everyday bag. I always wanted something more from the brand, handbag-wise, and believed that Burberry had the ability to make a bag that stood out and could easily become an accessory that people fell for left and right. Enter the Burberry DK88 Bag. Upon seeing it, I got that feeling in my handbag-loving heart that the brand had created something that I had to add to my wish list.

As any established house does, Burberry created this bag with inspiration from its highly coveted and widely worn weatherproof trench. The leather’s grain gathers its inspiration from that house staple, and as much as the leather matters, so does the design, and this design speaks to me.

The Burberry DK88 is named after the house code for its signature honey-colored gabardine, and the design is both classic and sensible. I love the structured top handle, which is bigger than most top handles you see, but it gives the overall lines of the bag something interesting. In some colorways, the handle is a different color from the body of the bag, and Burberry created some of the most glorious colors and color combinations. The center of each bag features an oversized lock, and even though it took us a minute to figure out how to open, once inside, the interior has one zip pocket and two pouch pockets.

Burberry DK88 Back closeup Burberry DK88 Closeup

There are two sizes of this specific shape of the DK88: large and medium, with medium by far being my favorite. It definitely winds up fitting into that ‘just right’ size category that so many bags strive to hit. There’s an optional shoulder strap, which is practically a given for most bags at this point, and in this case, I think it really suits the bag well. Even when the bag is carried by the shoulder strap, the structured top handle is still a focal point and really makes this design stand out.

Burberry DK88 interior

And the colors—I LOVE THE COLORS! We didn’t get the pretty pastel hues to photograph, but I’ve added some photos for reference. The colors are all kinds of wonderful and stand out really well in the new, exclusive Trench Leather. Right now there are 11 color options in the medium DK88, and I don’t know which is my favorite. Price for the large is $2,995 and for the medium is $2,495.

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Anyways, because of those reasons and more I will personally NEVER be able to justify buying a genuine Burberry handbag, or anything else for that matter! I personally purchased a gorgeous tote using the renowned Haymarket print (for which Burberry really lost a signature suit for meaning anybody can use that particular print they’re renowned for — yet another negative because of their luxury picture) and am quite impressed by the replica bag I have bought! The bag is more than magnificent and if you peruse the images below you will definitely see why. The picture weight of the tote is fine and heavy like the authentic pieces (I really do have 1 authentic classic Burberry crossbody which was my mom’s and she handed it down to me, so I compared the weight of both). The concluding are also real leather indicating that the bag is really a counter quality or superfake model as opposed to the reduced quality of fakes which use plastic to complete off the trimmings to cut prices. Have a look and let me know what you think in the comments below!Burberry has presented a fresh DK88 bag collection during its brand new show in London before in February, using a name that is devoted to the house code of its signature gabardine fabric. Following its recent international launch, we can’t help but discovered that everyone from stars to bloggers worldwide have been seen wearing this new iconic bag. So what is so special about it? Scroll down to see what we’ve found out so far.The DK88 comes with a luggage-inspired design and a classic, sculptured shape that complements the rest of the seasonal runway collection. It comes with a high grip and an oversize metal tone lock, which can be accompanied by an old-fashion looking key. There is an internal pocket inside the bag that’s design especially for the key.
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Burberry DK88 Pink

Burberry DK88 in Blossom Pink | $2,495

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Burberry DK88 blue

Burberry DK88 in Slate Blue | $2,495

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Burberry DK88 Yellow

Burberry DK88 in Camomile Yellow | $2,495

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Burberry DK88 Green

Burberry DK88 in Celadon Green | $2,495

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Burberry DK88 tangerine

Burberry DK88 in Ash Rose/Pale Clementine | $2,495

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Burberry DK88 Bag Large

Burberry DK88 Large | $2,995