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Celebrities are lucky for a lot of reasons, not least of which because they often get their hands on a bag before we ever can. Personally, I’ve always liked that brands give bags out early to famous friends–it makes it easy for me to see a bag being worn and gage how it translates from stock image to real life. Burberry has always had a huge celebrity following, and while the brand’s bags have taken a bit of a backseat on PurseBlog recently, I was introduced to the Burberry Patchwork Bag and quickly fell for it. This bag has been seen on countless celebs already, and now it’s readily available to purchase for you and I; because no two styles are the same (each bag is one-of-a-kind!), this bag stands apart as one of fall’s best.

The iconic trench coat and Novacheck print come to mind when most people think of Burberry. With that in mind, the Burberry Patchwork Bag is a collection of pieces inspired by the belt buckle from the trench coat so many shoppers love, and each of the individual bags has been separately designed and named. You can see from some of the images below (and check it out on Burberry, where they are available now) that the bags is available in a variety of colors, textures, fabrics and embellishments, which are combined to complete each design. On top of that, you’re able to personalize your bag by adding up to three initials as part of Burberry’s Runway Made to Order service, which, in this case, I would absolutely add. The initials are applied in gold foil lettering at the base of the shoulder strap.

I always like the Burberry check pattern but often yearn for something more from the brand when it comes to accessories, and this bag provides the variation I’m looking for. It has a really edgy vibe with the thick shoulder strap, and the bag can be worn as a shoulder bag with a shorter strap, crossbody with the strap fully extended or as a clutch with the strap removed. I like that a few of the versions do include a peek at the check pattern, which gives the designs that notably Burberry touch. Beyond that, there are also a ton of other combinations, including snakeskin, leather, suede, leopard-print calfskin and applied embellishments to make each bag stand out. Another interesting fact is that each bag has a unique name referencing British streets, towns and villages. So between the one-of-a-kind design, optional personalization and individual name, these bags are truly unique.

When I was sent info on these bags, I immediately thought the price would be so high for the one-of-a-kind pieces that they’d be out of almost everyone’s price ranges, but the price is very much in line with the rest of the brand’s offerings, and it’s one of the reasons I love this bag so much. The Patchwork Bags are available now via Burberry for $2,495.

Therefore I very recently purchased a Burberry replica handbag or bag which I’m in love with. Burberry is one brand that I personally cannot justify purchasing a real purse from. Especially after I watched this documentary on Youtube in which it revealed Burberry choosing to move their production from the UK (where they originated from — they’re a British brand for all those who do not understand) to South Asia. As a business decision this makes a whole lot of sense as the owners of the corporation may make their luggage for dirt cheap and also appreciate maximum markups. However for the legacy of the brand and in terms of the luxury radar it was a big mistake. Why would anyone in their right mind pay full price for a Burberry purse when you’re able to buy a knockoff made in precisely the exact same country, and most probably in precisely the exact same factory for a much lower cost? At least firms such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel etc. build their handbags in Europe to give it that sense of lux (although many of their parts come from China too!) . I feel like once I look at the label of a purse and it says “made in China” once I cover more than a thousand dollars for it, I have been ripped off in a way. I personally support authentic artisanal craft particularly in regards to leather and purses, for which I am weak at the knees, but Burberry has definitely dropped the ball when it comes to the entire luxury factor surrounding their own brand. I still can not get over the role in the movie where all the British Burberry craftsmen were concerned about staying unemployed for the rest of their lives following the mill was because of close.
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Burberry Patchwork Bag
$2,495 via Burberry

Burberry Patchwork Bag 2

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Miroslava Duma Burberry Patchwork Bag

Miroslava Duma carrying the Burberry Patchwork Bag. Buy via Burberry for $2,495.

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Burberry Patchwork Bag
$2,495 via Burberry

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Naomi Campbell Burberry Patchwork Bag

Naomi Campbell carrying the Burberry Patchwork Bag. Buy via Burberry for $2,495.

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Suki Waterhouse Burberry Patchwork Bag

Suki Waterhouse with her Burberry Patchwork Bag. Buy via Burberry for $2,495.

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Burberry Patchwork Bag
$2,495 via Burberry

Burberry Patchwork Bag 3

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Winnie Harlow Burberry Patchwork Bag

Winnie Harlow carrying the Burberry Patchwork Bag. Buy via Burberry for $2,495.

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Burberry Patchwork Bag
$2,495 via Burberry

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