Is Blake Lively’s Baby Bag Worth Its Price Tag?

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Is Blake Lively's Baby Bag Worth Its Price Tag?
Image Source: Getty / Mike Pont

Blake Lively’s a lady with many talents. Aside from giving us outfit envy while starring on Gossip Girl, she’s launched her own lifestyle site and even dabbled in designing. But her latest feat — creating a leather diaper bag with Sandast, named after her daughter, James — has left us scratching our heads.

It’s not so much the design, which could easily double as a chic work tote, as it is the $860 price tag. Let us remind you: she wants you to use this as a baby bag, something that carries diapers, bottles, and a variety of stuff that could potentially stain. And while it’s not uncommon for brands like Louis Vuitton or Stella McCartney to ask for similar amounts for their own options, are you ready to fork over hard-earned cash for something sold on Preserve?

Take a look at the bag and let us know your thoughts in the poll ahead. Too bad Blair Waldorf’s not around. She’d totally buy that for Henry Bass.