Kim Gordon’s New Book Is All About Art and Music

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Photo: DESTE Foundation for Contemporary Art

Before Kim Gordon rose to fame with the alt-rock band Sonic Youth, she moved to New York to become a conceptual artist. She immersed herself in the city’s arts scene, working in a Soho gallery for the art dealer Larry Gagosian while befriending artists like Jean-Michel Basquiat and Cindy Sherman (for a while, she crashed at Sherman’s apartment). Since then, her artwork has appeared in Tokyo, London, and New York City galleries, among others.

The book Kim Gordon: Noise Name Paintings and Sculptures of Rock Bands That Are Broken Up, out October 25, features a series of Gordon’s paintings that pay tribute to experimental bands and noise groups like Pussy Galore and the Stooges. “I approach music and visual art in different ways; I consider them utterly separate art forms,” Gordon has said. “This book brings them together.”

The collection includes photographs of Gordon’s performances, accompanying a previous exhibit organized by the Deste Foundation for Contemporary Art at the Benaki Museum in Athens, Greece. Click ahead to preview the book.

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