Little-Documented, Extremely Private Cara Delevingne Will Finally Lift the Veil Via a New Documentary

Cara Delevingne Photo: David X Prutting/

Cara Delevingne’s big-screen takeover continues apace, but this time, instead of portraying characters like Suicide Squad’s Enchantress, she’ll be playing herself. Variety reports that Revolver Entertainment has acquired the documentary The Cara Project — which, we’re sorry to say, does not star Delevingne as a bumbling obstetrician trying to make it in the big city. Instead, it’s a documentary about how she made the transition from model to actress. The plan is for the film to be released on DVD and VOD within the next few months.

Considering we already have quite the window into Delevingne’s life through her no-holds-barred Instagram presence and tendency toward ultrarevealing interviews, it’s unclear how much new information this film will uncover. At least she won’t have to attempt an American accent for this one.