Love It or Leave It: The Burberry Padlock Dome Satchel

Like many of you, I was heavily skeptical about Burberry’s Fall 2014 runway bags. Many of them looked like hastily conceived art projects, painted in the brand’s studio by people who were clearly not painters by employment. At the time, the standouts were a few velvet-on-leather bags that looked much more purposeful and high-end than their painted counterparts, but does the Burberry Padlock Dome Satchel work outside of that context?

I’m not saying there isn’t room for a trendy bag in any woman or woman’s collection but I wouldn’t recommend it as a starter bit. I really like tote bags that should not come as a surprise if you have read my past reviews on the Tory Burch York Buckle Tote and the Coach tote. I love shoulder carry bags along with a bag is great for using every day at work or school. I love horses as well (my Grandfather is from Texas), so this equestrian-inspired buckle with stud details tote bag only spoke to me.It’s crafted in a rich combination of materials not the least of which is the canvas. I believe canvas bags get a bad rep that I don’t fully understand. A canvas tote is quite lightweight which is significant to me. I love larger bags and stuffing them with things! If you start out with an empty bag that is already thick then it starts getting complicated once you start filling it. I wish to avoid back or shoulder pain thank you very much!If your life style has you using your automobile to go around afterward a heavier bag might not be an issue. But if you reside in Europe and in major cities most of the time that you walk or use public transportation to get around. Lugging a heavy bag will become an issue.This bag comes from beautifully embossed tan tote using all the horse and carriage Burberry gold emblem. The bag didn’t arrive from a box to my surprise. It had been purchased in the Burberry counter in the Galeries Lafayettes that is a French high-end Department store (I featured this within my In Paris for your Holidays article). So maybe that was the reason?

This bag feels busy when judged by the minimal standards that have overtaken the luxury accessories industry over the past few seasons, but as aesthetically aggressive bags go, it’s still kind of interesting. It reminds me of a thick, warm blanket that you might find at someone’s parents’ lake house in the woods, and I’m always partial to blanket prints. The mustard, black and beige colorway fits the look nicely, and although the finished product feels a little too rustic for my personal style, it’s an option that I could imagine being styled immaculately by someone with a very specific personal style.

This isn’t my bag, but I’m also not mad that it exists. If you feel strongly one way or the other, let us know in the comments.

Buy through Neiman Marcus for $2,795.