Luxury Watch Scarcity Leads to Booming Market

Just like the art market, the watch market is manipulated by manufacturers and recent Covid-related disruption has impacted the production chain. A market which is dominated by big dealers and auction houses, also has secondary market participants and no real industry watchdog, creating a true laissez-faire marketplace.

And when it comes to luxury watches, forgers are out to trick even the most attune eye and finding rare timepieces is also a challenge. As one of the most preferred consignors of luxury watches in the United States, LuxuryWatchesUSA has a diverse online marketplace (as well as a showroom in New York City) of different kinds of watches from brands like Rolex, Cartier, Hublot, Breitling, Patek Philippe and more. Because they both buy and sell luxury watches, they are able to lead the market with an unmatched collection from vintage watches to high-end chronographs and much more.

With a perfect blend of both modern and vintage timepieces customers can stop by and see their live inventory (appointment required) at their midtown Manhattan showroom or shop their catalog online. Backed by the fact they only sell 100% genuine luxury watches as well as a money-back guarantee, customers can shop for any device and get their selected product delivered to their doorsteps with a single tap.

Visitors can shop by brand as well as a special section for ‘Diamond Watches’ as well as a section for ‘New Arrivals’ so they can be sure to always be on the pulse for what is brand new. Currently they have three watches for sale on their website over a whopping $7.8m including their most expensive being the Patek Philippe 6002R-001 Grand Complications Watch, which is listed at $8,640,000.00.

And if you have an old watch that you are trying to get off your wrist, they offer a free analysis by their team of experts and provide a reliable and unbeatable quote. With free shipping and insurance as well as the company transferring funds to the owners PayPal account as soon as the product is shipped to LuxuryWatchesUSA, it is an easy three five-step process. Simply fill out basic contact information on their dedicated page for selling watches and fill out information and upload photos and their team will analyze and provide a quote. When a price is agreed upon, the PayPal transfer is initiated and a prepaid insured label is sent.

Accepting orders 24/7, shop now or place an order online at


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