New Designer Handbags Added to My Wish List (2016)


I love making handbag wish lists mostly because it gives me another reason to look at pictures of pretty bags. Also I find it very interesting to look at my old wish lists and see which bags I continue to like and which bags I no longer crave for. You can see my prior handbag wish list here. Out of that list, the bags that remain on my wish list include the Celine Box, YSL Sac de Jour and Lady Dior. Handbags on that list that I no longer want include Chloe Drew (chain too long), LV Alma (no longer love the shape), YSL envelope clutch (hardware too yellow) and Mansur Gavriel (for now).

Here are 11 new handbags that I am adding to my wish list!

1. Bulgari Serpenti Forever Shoulder Bag
The Bulgari Serpenti Forever Shoulder Bag is a top contender for my handbag purchase next year. The design on this bag is stunningly beautiful from the Bulgari’s signature snakehead closure with black and white enamels and malachite eyes to the snake-like shoulder straps to the geometric lines on the bag. This bag comes in a variety of colors and finishes but my favorite is this emerald green calfskin version – it is stunningly beautiful. There are two reasons holding me back from purchasing this handbag. One, I have too many small shoulder bags. Two, the leather on this calfskin version is very delicate and easily stretchable. This is the main hold back. I generally prefer more durable leather and carefree handbags and am hesitant about getting a handbag that I need to baby. Overall, the top two contenders for next year are Bulgari Serpenti Forever bag and Celine Box.1-bulgari-serpenti-forever-shoulder-bag

2. LV Capucines
I love the Capucines collection from LV. Compared to the familiar LV monogram handbags, I think the Capucines is much more beautiful, elegant and feminine. I especially love the versions with leather body and python handle. I think the Capucines has a similar look to the Hermes Kelly but is more feminine due to the softer edges and the LV logo in the middle. There are two sizes for the LV Capucines BB and MM; for my height the BB size is the better option. There are also two reasons holding me back from purchasing this bag. One, this bag is extremely pricey. It took me five years to take the plunge on a Chanel classic flap and I won’t be surprised if it takes me around five years to eventually get the Capucines. When handbags are this pricey, I want to make sure I really want the bag and it isn’t merely a short-term yearning. Two, I don’t think the Capucines will be the most practical bag with the large flap and the middle handle. 2-lv-capucines

3. Fendi Peekaboo (With Leather Weaves)
I have always liked the Fendi Peekaboo and consider it to be one of the classic bags. However, the Peekaboo was never added to my wish list because of the price and I just feel like something was missing from the Peekaboo. Well, that all changed when I saw this Indigo Peekaboo with leather weaves along the edges. Before this bag came out, I liked the Peekaboos with contrasting interior colors or monster eyes. However, this specific Peekaboo with the vibrant purple color and the weaves is the one. I believe this specific bag is from the Spring / Summer 2017 collection so if and when I am ready to purchase my next bag and I am still able to find this exact Peekaboo (in the regular size) then I think this bag might just be the winner. Compared to the Capucines I think the Peekaboo will be more functional.3-fendi-peekaboo

4. Chanel Boy (Large Chevron Pattern)
The Chanel Boy was never on my wish list because I prefer the look of the classic flap. I do like the Boy but I never loved it. Then Chanel came out with the Boy in the large chevron pattern and I had to fight hard to hold on to my money! To me the large chevron print feels much more chic than the classic quilting or even the smaller chevron print. Maybe it’s because the larger chevron print looks simpler and therefore is more aesthetically pleasing to me. There are three reasons holding me back from purchasing this bag even though I know Chanel might stop producing the Boy with the large chevron. One, it is very pricey. Two, for the price, the bag should be full leather. The old medium Boy is comparable to the M/L classic flap and at $200 price difference the Boy should not have fabric lining. Three, I have only seen these bags in lambskin and even though I’ve heard the lambskin on the Boy wears better than lambskin on the classic flap, I don’t know if I am ready for another lambskin bag that I need to baby.4-chanel-boy-chevron

5. Diorama
The Diorama is beautiful. I love the simple geometric lines on the bag. Simple yet stunning. The Diorama and the Chanel Boy are very similar in style and even though they are both on my wish list, I would only get one. If Chanel never came out with the large chevron Boy then I would hands down pick the Diorama. The bag offers better value in terms of price and the bag is made of full leather. I also think in general the Diorama looks better than the Chanel Boy (with the exception of the large chevron print). I have heard a few arguments on forums that Diorama copies the Chanel Boy therefore you should go for the original (Chanel). I agree with the first part of the argument, yes the shape and the chain of the Diorama are very similar to the Boy. However, I don’t agree just because of that you should go with the Chanel Boy. To me the bags are still different due to the different quilting and hardware.5-diorama

6. Celine Luggage Micro
I was very late to the Celine Luggage game, but seriously better late than never! I have the luggage in the nano size and finally understood why people went crazy / are still craving for these monkeys! To me the luggage is an extremely practical bag with a unique design and it is very well made – the leather from Celine is just addicting! Although the nano is great for weekends when I don’t need to carry around a lot, I still want a micro for work, travel and just for days when I do need to carry a little more. The luggage micro will definitely be a future purchase although I am going to wait until I go to Europe to take advantage of the lower prices there (~$1K cheaper) or I see it on sale. I saw a deep orange and a black micro luggage with the drummed leather TJMaxx for $1,999. I didn’t like either colors but am keeping an eye out to see if any other colors pop up! I inspected the handbags and nothing seems to be wrong with them, some bags do have crooked zippers or slight indents so make sure you check thoroughly! Check out TJMaxx Runway for more designer handbags on sale!


7. Givenchy Pandora Box
I have been eyeing the Givenchy Pandora Box, especially when I find them on sale! Givenchy’s Pandora comes in a box (structured) version and a messenger (unstructured) version. Although the unstructured version is the original, I prefer the structured version because the box shape is so unique. True to Givenchy’s style, the box is very simple and can make any outfit look smart and chic. There is something about this bag, the more I look at it the more I like it. My only concern is whether getting in and out of the bag will be difficult given the small, rigid opening.7-givenchy-pandora-box

8. Tory Burch Perry Tote
I have been in the market for a new tote bag and my top choice is the Tory Burch Perry tote. The perry tote is an all-leather tote that is very simple. The only problem is I need to wait until a color I like goes on sale. 8-tory-burch-perry-tote

9. LV Twist Bag
My favorite part of this bag is the ingenious LV twist closure. I thought the twist lock was new but apparently it is one of LV’s signature turn-lock styles. Besides the lock, I also like the wave base – again a very unique feature that sets it apart from other bags on the market. The twist bag comes two sizes and numerous colors but my favorite is the denim epi leather. This bag is pretty but pricey so I am adding it to my wish list for now and will see how I feel about it in a year or two.9-lv-twist-bag

10. Gucci Soho Disco
Gucci has really been stepping up its bag game recently after Alessandro Michele took over as the brand’s creative director in Jan 2015. I have never been attracted to Gucci bags until recently. Even then the only bag from Gucci that I have been really wanting is the Gucci Soho Disco bag. I almost purchased the hot pink disco when it was 50% off on Gucci’s website earlier this year. Unfortunately in the hour that I took to decide, the hot pink disco was sold out. I love the boxy shape of the Gucci disco and of course the tassel! The bag looks very utilitarian and will probably be one of my favorite weekend bags. Need to keep an eye out for the next Gucci sale!10-gucci-soho-disco

11. Hermes Kelly (Sellier)
I am adding the Hermes Kelly bag to my wish list and I expect this bag to be on the wish list for a while because it is so pricey and impossible to get. For a while I liked the Birkin more but slowly and surely I was converted over to the Kelly mainly due to the shoulder strap and I think the Kelly has a younger look than the Birkin. For the Kelly you can get either it the Retourne or the Sellier. The Retourne has the leathers folded and the stitching inside giving it a more relaxed look while the Sellier has the stitching on the outside giving it a more structured look. I personally like the Sellier version. 10-hermes-kelly-sellier

I hope you enjoyed reading through the new additions to my wish list. As always thank you for reading!