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I have this wonderful white collared blouse with a black neck ribbon that I bought here on YesStyle. But every time I wear it, people ask me if I’m going to a formal event. I’m quite tall (180 cm/ 5’11”), blond and fair skinned, so apparently the blouse makes me look overdressed and formal. How can I make my outfits with the blouse look more casual? Thank you very much!

Genevive, 20/Belgium

Greetings, Genevive! May I just say that you picked a great blouse — it’s one of YesStyle’s best-selling pieces and quite wearable and versatile, as seen from the customer reviews.

The fact that it’s so simple in design — plain colored, with a detachable ribbon detail — makes it a winner, as opposed to getting something that’s so trendy now, but will only be wearable for only a few months. That, my dear, is the real secret to having a personal style that goes beyond fads!

So here are my suggestions on how you can maximize the use of that blouse. Read and see if there’s something that works for you.

Playfully Girly: With Jumper Pants or Jumper Dresses

Teaming your blouse with jumper pants or knee-length jumper dresses is a simple way to channel a youthful look. Sure, you can wear the usual denim versions but fall and winter gives you a lot of textures to further play with like corduroy and velvet, and even knits. With a white blouse, you can easily go for patterned or pastel-colored jumper dresses or pants for a nice contrast, too.

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Your blouse is also perfect if you want to try a school uniform style, complete with a flirty plaid mini skirt, knee socks, blazer and preppy loafers. I wrote about it a few weeks ago and you can just head over here to read it!

Boyishly Cool: With Boyfriend Jeans and Suspenders

The blouse is definitely girly, no doubt about that. But if you want to give it a menswear twist, team it with ankle-length flat front trousers and find a great pair of suspenders (or braces, as the Brits say) to hitch them to the waist! Finish with some cute loafers or creepers.

Then there’s also the choice to wear it with boyfriend jeans, with rolled-up cuffs. You can wear the braces again but I suggest wearing a slouchy cardigan or a printed sweatshirt instead. Get one with a cute print in a bright color, styled off-shoulder, or with a scoop, V-neck or boat neckline to show off the collar and the ribbon (if you choose to wear it). This is a look you can wear even for spring and summer by switching to a linen cardi instead. It looks great with soft-soled loafers or just plain colored sneakers.

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Deconstructed: With Leather Pants or Shorts

Pairing your blouse with a sleek leather jacket is probably something you didn’t consider but will totally work. And why not? You’ve got the very feminine mood of the blouse to butt heads with the non-conformist/rebellious vibe of leather outerwear. Bust out those distressed, black skinny jeans, why don’t you, but if you want to up the ante further, consider leather shorts. You’ve got the height and the legs, darling, and if you’re going to take that beloved blouse on the wild side, this is your chance! Work it with your fiercest leather boots and matching makeup to hit the scene.


Lots of luck, dear, and let me know how it turns out!

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