Nikki’s Inbox: Fall Trends to Love – All Under US$25!



Hi Nikki, I feel like I’m in a dilemma. Fall is here and I’m obsessed with some of the trends, but I’m a college student on a college budget and don’t have the coins to spend on really expensive pieces. I want to try a lot of the new Korean fashion trends but am not quite sur how to achieve the look on a budget. I’m 165cm and slim, can you help me out?

LaSonia, 22/Michigan, USA

Dearest LaSonia, I certainly know how hard it can be to stay on a budget, especially when you’re a college student. And with fashion trends, the more current they are, the more pricey they can get. I mean who wants to spend precious money on dry cleaning?

So here are a few of my recommendations based on YesStyle’s latest Korean fashion trends and they’re all US$25 and below! The objective is for you to update your fall and winter wardrobe by adding trendy pieces that can work side by side with your current ones.

Go Loud, Add Volume

Boxy silhouettes are all the rage right now. Since you’re on the slim side, chances are, such pieces will look good on you especially when paired with slim-fit bottoms like leggings, skinny jeans or skirts. Just make sure they’re not oversized, or too long that they overwhelm your 5’4 frame. Boxy knits like sweaters and cardigans as well as sweatshirts also easily make room for layering underneath.

10WORLD : DABAGIRL : Envy Look

Bell sleeves are also carrying over the bohemian vibe typical of summer trends. These sleeves are definitely meant to be showcased fully and not rolled up or folded! Bonus points for additional details like bows, ribbons, lace trim or ruffles!

Envy Look : Dalkong : icecream12 : CLICK

Utilize Tactile Tactics

Autumn and winter are typically the realm of knits and other heavier fabrics and textures. Thus, aside from your knitwear, corduroy and suede, add more textural play into your OOTD with a little helping of velvet or metallics if you want. And don’t limit it to just your clothing either. Corduroy and suede caps are roaring over here on YesStyle, expanding your headgear options so you’re not limited to the usual beanies or berets. Coated leggings mimic the look of leather so if you’re into wearing leather pants, these leggings are a more comfy alternative. Layer a cute pleated tennis skirt in plaid or even corduroy to up the ante!

Envy Look : DABAGIRL : Envy Look : icecream12

Be Strap-Happy

Jumper dresses and spaghetti-strap tops are proving their trans-seasonal appeal and versatility, seamlessly moving from summer to fall. Cropped strappy tops also come in various textures like leather, suede and velvet, as well as in different lengths that allow you to be truly creative with layering. No old-fashioned knit vests for you, LaSonia! Jumper dresses also take the same flexible route when it comes to fabrication and length. You can go for the cute, schoolgirl mid-thigh length, a classy midi or a full-on maxi, or be flowery, flirty or fully kitted out in plaid.

Dowisi : Someday, if : Zzang Girls : Envy Look

I certainly hope I’ve given your college budget a little hope with my suggestions!

P.S. If you’re sending a question, please don’t forget to include any helpful information about your body type or shape, your tastes or personality. You can include a selfie (link only please) or a photo of your clothes (which I will never publish without pre-approval). Thank you!

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