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I really love the style of cutesy kind of school uniform looks. However, my problem is that I never know how to find the right length of skirt for the correct event. It doesn’t help that I am only about 5′ 2″ and 105 lbs., so clothes that fit my short legs and don’t make me look short is hard to come by. Also, the school style is hard to find in the US. So what would be the right kind of clothes for my age and height, while still maintaining the prep student style?

Anjenelle, 13/USA

It’s your lucky season, Anjenelle! Why? Because YesStyle currently carries a lot of the school uniform styles you want. Coupled with the autumn and winter trends, I do believe you’ll be able to piece quite a few outfits together to make your young, preppy heart sing.

However, there are more factors at play here than just your age and height, darling. There’s your vertical and horizontal body shape to consider as well. And this is why I always recommend actually taking measurements of your body. The less guesswork you’re making about your body, the less mistakes you’ll make while shopping.

The Pleated Mini Skirt

Most school uniform styles call for a pleated skirt that can be anywhere from knee-length to mid-thigh. If you’re short-waisted, then showing more leg visually evens you out. The pleated plaid skirt is a particular favorite of those who like to rock the school uniform style, but you can always go for solid colors, too. YesStyle has a great selection of pleated mini skirts that have built-in shorts so you don’t have to worry about fashion emergencies.

10WORLD : Envy Look : chuu : CosmoCorner

Another alternative is the classic A-line skirt, again in a mini length. If it’s not pleated, that’s perfectly fine as long as it has that flared silhouette. A few of these in your wardrobe will prove useful if you have to go to an event that requires a more dressy outfit that a plaid mini skirt can’t fulfill.

Moriville : Sechuna : Jenny’s Couture

The Collared Blouse

Now that you’ve got your skirts sorted out, match them with a cute collared blouse. You can go for typical button-downs with pointed collars, or you can take one step further and choose those with Peter Pan collars and inset ties or neck ribbons to really look girly. You get extra bonus points if they have lace trim, eyelet details, embroidery pintucks and other small but cute embellishments. The more detail on the blouse, the better they look even with simple and plain skirts.

Mida : GOGO Girl : Sechuna : Rollis

The Outerwear

Since plaid is definitely a must-have for fall and winter, knit sweaters and vests can be your alternative or add-ons to the shirts and blouses. Ribbed, baby cable-knit (so it’s less bulky on you) and furry sweaters are some of your options. You can also try incorporating a spaghetti-strap top in knit or even velvet instead of the usual knit vest or cardigan. A menswear-style vest, a.k.a. waistcoat, is also another great pick to go with your sweaters and underneath your blazers.

For your school-style blazer, your best bet is to pick one with a school-badge design on the chest to really get into the spirit. Otherwise, opt for a simple two- or three-button jacket that hits your waist. Anything longer than that may end up making you look shorter.

Reine : Skool : Indigirl : ELF SACK

Emphasize and Accessorize

Of course, no uniform is complete without socks, shoes, a bag and more! You can go for tights this winter, Anjanelle, and team them with scrunchy socks or even leg warmers so you’ll look kawaii like how Japanese school girls rock their uniforms. Knee-highs are definitely worth trying, especially if you wear them with patent Mary Janes, oxford lace-ups or classy penny loafers. Don’t forget the backpack and satchel!

Little Flower : FROMBEGINNING : Bagshow : GOROKE

P.S. If you’re sending a question, please don’t forget to include any helpful information about your body type or shape, your tastes or personality. You can include a selfie (link only please) or a photo of your clothes (which I will never publish without pre-approval). Thank you!

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